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Cheesy Tortellini Vegetable Bake

Most days of the week I have no idea what to make for dinner and just end up making tacos or something. Don’t get me wrong we eat a LOT of tacos around here, but there are times (it’s not often, but it does happen) where the last thing I want is another freaking tortilla. And since we haven’t been eating any meat at home besides some fish, it makes things even harder.

Corey is completely game for the vegetarian thing, as long as I keep it interesting which means no salads. “What am I? A freaking rabbit?” No, not the last time I checked. And now that Cooper has two (but I think soon to be 3) teeth, he’s starting to enjoy finger foods and so I’m trying to think of meals we can all eat instead of having to cook two different things. Let’s just hope he’s not as picky an eater as I was! (I literally only ate meat and cheese on my sandwiches until High School).

Anyways, here’s a quick recipe I found while browsing the time suck that is Pinterest the other night. I changed a few things based on what I already had in the cabinet and voila! A fancy new dinner that has quickly become one of our favorites. And you know its good if we ate the whole pan! Twice! We are not usually left over people, but there was not one bite of this left both times I made it. Cheesy Tortellini Vegetable BakeCheesy Tortellini Vegetable BakeOfficial Corey Tyler Thumbs Up Seal of ApprovalCheesy Tortellini Vegetable Bake

Refrigerated tortellini
Alfredo sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Veggies! (we used squash, zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms but any combination would work)
1 can diced tomatoes – drained
Red pepper flakes (optional but recommended!)


Seriously, you don’t even have to cook the tortellinis first. I deserve a drink for this one.


We planted new seeds in our garden beds one afternoon after a quick trip to Home Depot. We had Cooper with us, obviously, so we didn’t actually read the back of the packages to see when the best time to plant was or how it would grow. Basically, we grabbed a bunch of crap and ran to the register before Coop had the chance to cry. One thing we’ve learned about taking a baby to the store: KEEP IT MOVING!

Our very first (of many) Home Depot trips - December 2013

Our very first (of many) Home Depot trips – December 2013

We came home with a few things that can’t be planted yet (celery?) but used what we could. We ended up with peppers, cucumbers, radish, and green beans.

Garden Garden

Everything was doing OK, probably because I’m not always the best about actually remembering to water the plants but HEY, babies are a lot of work and I’m tired and more coffee please blah blah blah.  Believe it or not, the cucumbers completely took over. I didn’t realize it’s a vining plant (this goes back to the not reading the package thing) and planted my new seeds differently this time.

IMG_5276 IMG_5370 IMG_5390

The plant didn’t seem to mind much because for a few weeks there I was swimming in cucumbers. And what do you do when life hands you too many cucumbers (besides make inappropriate jokes at every opportunity)? You make pickles, of course!

It’s pretty easy and the pickles are so much better than the ones you buy from the store. But, there isn’t enough pickles in the world to satisfy my cravings (I ate at least two jars a week when I was pregnant) so I’m sure I’ll still be buying some.

If you’re interested, here’s what I did:


Slice your cucumbers (this was enough for 2 pints jars).

Next, you’ll want to get your brine started (1 tbs canning salt, 2 cups water, 1 cup vinegar). All you need to do is bring it to a rolling boil.


Put a whole clove of garlic, dill, and red pepper flakes in each jar.


Add the sliced cucumbers and pour the boiling brine right on top. Seal immediately and let the jars cool on the counter before putting them in the refrigerator.

We waited 4 days to start eating our pickles and they were gone a few days later. If you’re not as pickle crazy as we are, they should stay good for about a month.



We’ve been trying to eat healthy lately and only what I buy from Publix or the farmer’s market. I used to spend upwards of $150 and we were still eating out a few times a week. I don’t even want to think about how much food we’ve thrown out, or how much money we’ve wasted.

Since we’re sticking to what we have in the house, this means we have to get creative sometimes. What that doesn’t mean is eating the same boring things each week.

Tonight we’re having:


Vegetable soup with chickpeas, white beans, kidney beans, celery, carrots, onion, collard greens (from the garden!), and diced tomatoes.