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The past week has been a doozy for sure. It all started last Friday. Coop’s teeth were bothering him, I knew because he was covered in drool and wouldn’t eat much, and he was running a low temp (99). I dropped him off at my mom’s house and went to work. He was at 101 by bedtime, so I gave him some Advil and we went to sleep.

The next day, Saturday, his fever was on the rise and he was an all around grump. Nothing made him happy besides being curled up in my lap and we were steadily rotating Advil and Tylenol to keep the fever at bay. Corey was playing a show that night and left around 6pm. I’d just given Coop his next dose of Tylenol and when I went to check his temperature again 30 minutes later, my heart dropped when the thermometer read 104.1

I went into full on freak-out mode. I threw a whole bunch of crap in my purse and was frantically trying to get dressed while calling Corey at the same time. He was already on his way to West Palm and agreed I needed to go to the hospital. Thankfully, I called my mom next and she was on her way home from dinner and was going to meet us at the hospital.

They took his temperature and it was already starting to go back down, but they still had to do all the necessary weight/BP/heart rate and Cooper was PISSED. He worked himself up so much that he started heaving and threw up right in my hands. Luckily the nurse was quick with the bucket to catch the rest, but my eyes immediately welled up at the sight of him so upset.

The doctor checked him out and said his throat looked fine, ears fine, lungs fine. Must be viral. Again. This marks the FOURTH 103+ fever he’s had in the last 4 MONTHS (although this is the first it’s ever reached 104)! It’s been just about every 4 weeks like clockwork. It has been a slight ear infection twice and now viral twice.  All the doctor’s can tell me is that it when babies are teething their immune system drops a bit and he’s picking something up each time and that some kids just get really high fevers. The ER doctor told me to try not to worry about the number (easier said than done) and to only bring him to the ER for a fever if he also seems out of it or is having trouble breathing.

I just don’t understand it. He eats his vitamin daily, eats almost all organic, no junk food, lots of hand sanitizer. You know the whole first kid routine. Parenting is wild. They ended up just sending us home with instructions to basically keep on keepin’ on and that was that. The next two days were more of the same (but nothing THAT high again) and by Tuesday he was back to his normal happy self.

And then Wednesday I woke up with the absolute WORST sore throat. Thanks, kid. And today I spent most of this morning kneeling in front of the toilet (TMI?). Cooper heard me in the bathroom, ran in and stood next to me. I was afraid I scared him but he just touched the side of my face so softly and said “oh Mimi” (he can say Mama but never calls me it anymore) and put his little arm around my shoulder. It was so incredibly sweet. Then he laid on the couch and napped with me for over an hour at 9am. And he never, ever, does that.

Hopefully, once those 2 year molars finally come we’ll be done all these constant fevers When I thought about what it would be like to be a parent, I consider things like sleeping on the couch for 4 nights in a row so a cranky toddler can binge watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or spending my Saturday night in the ER (for the SECOND time), but being his source of comfort is something I would never trade. That being said, I could most definitely go a long while without having to do this again!



Cooper_Month9 Cooper_month10Well, I thought Cooper would go right to standing but I was wrong. This kid is crawling all over the house. I turn my head for one second and he’s sitting in the dog bed with my shoe in his mouth. The days of sitting still so quiet and content are long gone. And I love it! Sure I have to make sure every spec of hair and dust are off the floor but having him chase me around the house is so much fun. When he’s in his walker and parks himself next to the xbox and repeatedly pushes the ON button to see it light up green and I catch him and say “No, Cooper” in my best stern mom voice, he jumps and gives me the most mischievous little smile before he giggles and does it again, I get a tiny glimpse into toddler hood and I can’t help but shake my head and laugh.

He is steadily showing Corey and I each place we need to baby proof, and it’s more of the house than I thought. He is pulling on every cord and plastic bag hanging even 1 millimeter off the table and looks so pleased with himself every time. He’s clapping, saying Mama, Dada and I swear I heard him say pat a few times (he is the president of the Little Einsteins fan club). He’s still pulling himself up at every opportunity and will take a few steps along the couch but as soon as he’s not holding on or leaning against something he just sits down. I’ve had to rescue him a few times when he was standing and holding the toy box but too afraid to drop down on his butt. 

The holiday’s are right around the corner and I cannot wait to take him to the pumpkin patch, trick or treating, to see SANTA! This mama thing is really getting good. He is now the proud owner of two full bottom teeth and the top two will be busting through any day now, which make our nights a little restless. He’s going to bed by 8pm, no problem, but he’s in our bed snuggled between us by 3am every night. Some people are giving me the stink eye about this and telling me I’ll be sorry later, but I don’t care. Corey and I really enjoy it. And there’s no better way to wake up then with a smack in the face by a smiling baby!

T minus 2 months until I have a ONE YEAR OLD! Entering panic mode in 3….2….1…


This was a big month for Cooper. He finally sits, totally unsupported, for as long as a half an hour. Or until a toy slightly out of his reach catches his eye. He’s trying to crawl but honestly, I think he’ll go straight to standing. If I sit in front of him with my hands out, he’ll grab on and pull himself up but he hasn’t tried doing it on his own…yet. He’s still the happiest baby ever, who hates to take naps but we’ve been getting lucky lately and he’s finally going down for an hour or more.

When I look at him I’m starting to see more of a little person and less of a baby and it makes me so excited and terrified at the same time. I’m sad to see the squishy baby phase go but I can’t wait until he’s running around the house. But for now, I am enjoying the sitting. Sitting is wonderful. I love that we can sit on the rug and play together instead of me just dangling toys in front of his face.

According to the bathroom scale, he’s weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds and is wearing 6-12 month clothes (but the only pair of shorts that fit him are 0-3 months!). His first tooth (bottom) came through the other day and it still surprises me every time I catch a glimpse of it. The other day I was trying to picture what Cooper will look like with a mouth full of teeth and I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure I’ll know first hand soon enough, and it will still be too soon.

He is so much fun to be around and it’s only getting better. Out of all the things in my life, being his mom is by far my favorite!



This guy turned 1/3 of a year old this week! Where has 4 months gone? I feel like he’s practically in college already!

We’re trying to work on tummy time. He can hold his head up really good, but put this boy on his tummy and in about 30 seconds he freaks out. Will he just miraculously like it one day? I am doing him a serious disservice if we don’t do the 90 minutes of daily tummy time? Either way, we try to get it in when we can. And now that he’s getting (a little) thicker around the middle we’ve been doing a few minutes of bumbo chair time here and there.


Teething is definitely in full swing. If you pull down his lip, theres a huge white bump under his gums. He’s been loving the mesh feeder full of strawberries, pacifiers straight out of the freezer, and his hands (still).


This is actually the outfit I wore home from the hospital. Yikes. Sorry, mom!

He started sleeping in his crib the other night (more on that later), and I’m surprisingly not as upset as I thought I’d be. I don’t know if it’s all the extra leg room or the expensive memory foam mattress we bought, but he seems to love his crib and sleeps like champ in there. We’re averaging about 5 solid hours of uninterrupted sleep (for him, not me) every night.


Our nightly routine (yes, I said it ROUTINE! Hallelujiah!) goes something like this:

7-8pm: Bottle, jammies, night time diaper (i.e., extra absorbent…did I ever mention he hates a wet diaper? wakes him up EVERY. TIME.!)
8:30pm: In bed, awake. He’s usually passed out by 9pm.
12pm: Bottle, straight back to bed
4am: Bottle, sometimes a diaper change (usually before the bottle. I learned this the hard way), and straight back to bed (sometimes in our bed)

He’s typically awake by 7am, although he did let me sleep in until 9am the other day. I woke up and looked at my phone and literally just stared at it for a few seconds because I was so confused. And then I kissed Coop and thanked him profusely for the much needed sleep.


I’m trying to work on getting us out of the house more, even though it gives Corey serious chest pains, but it just feels like so much work! Between the feeding, the pumping, the mixing, the sanitizing, the changing, and the packing, I don’t see how anyone has time. It seriously takes me ALL day to get ready for a quick run to Target, which has only happened a handful of times so far and never by myself. He’s always been really well behaved any time we left the house and doesn’t mind the car too much, expect for red lights, and stop signs, and if I’m behind anyone driving less than 25mph, but I’m still reluctant for the sole reason of all the planning involved. I’m hoping this gets easier!


Until then, we are more than content lounging around on the couch, watching movies, and passing the giggliest, happiest, sometimes sleepiest, baby back and forth between us.

Life is good.



We survived our first solo doctor visit, which included 2 shots, and lots of snuggling later in the day. This little chunker now weighs an even 10lbs and 23.25 inches long. That’s almost two feet tall! It sounds so crazy to think of it that way.

We’re finally in a nice consistent groove throughout the day, but it might be due to the fact that we don’t really go many places. Between the feeding, the pumping, the mixing, the sterilizing, and the changing, I don’t see how anyone has the time!


I purposely made our appointment for 2pm so I’d have the entire morning to get us ready.  When the doctor walked in the room, Cooper just finished a bottle and was passed out in my arms. She took one look at us an smiled, “Isn’t that nice? You rush around all day and you come here and you are FORCED to just sit still.” And I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a sleeping baby on my chest, which is probably a good thing because he wakes up just about every time I try and move him. When will I learn?

He recently discovered his hands, and I think the joys of teething may have started already. He is drooling like crazy and is fascinated with his hands. He spends a good portion of his day with his hands in his mouth or trying to get them there.cooper_handsinmouthHe spends the rest of the day smiling. I think it’s safe to say (I’m knocking on wood justttttt in case) we have the happiest baby around. It’s very rare that he has a complete fit or even cries for more than a few seconds. If he’s unhappy it’s usually a wet diaper (does any else’s kid absolutely hate being wet. I mean, I don’t think I’d like it either but he REALLY doesn’t like it), but he’s usually pretty easily soothed.

Basically, we’re pretty fond of him.

I think we’ll keep him.