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We have a teeny tiny house and hardly any storage. My craft supplies used to take residence in the closet in Cooper’s room but I was always shoving just one more thing in there and it quickly turned into an avalanche waiting to happen. It was such a project even finding the supplies for a project in there and I was buying multiples of things I already had because I couldn’t find anything…and, well you get it. It just wasn’t working.

After a late night Pinterest binge session, I saw a few armoires turned into craft storage and had a total lightbulb moment. We don’t have the space for a full sized armoire, but my mission was set. For weeks I scoured Craigslist, multiple thrift stores (daily) and was telling everyone to keep their eyes open for a small cabinet. I wasn’t finding anything and was thissss closet to ordering a kitchen island to use instead when my MIL found this gem at the thrift store down the street for an easy $60:IMG_8617

As soon as I saw it I was so excited and I definitely got a few “this girl is crazy” looks. The lady ringing me up even asked me if I was sure I wanted it…twice. Yes, load ‘er up!

I got it home, gave it a light sanding, and put my husband (AKA spray paint pro) to work. A few (er, 5) cans of Rustoleum flat white spray paint and new hardware later and she’s better than new. I am seriously so in love with this thing and just can’t get over how good it looks now.

Drumroll please……DSC_0077I told you! SO good!

There’s one shelf inside and deep drawer that is the perfect size for all my stuff. AND I CAN ACTUALLY FIND EVERYTHING. Crazy!DSC_0088DSC_0090Total cost: $85 ($60 for the cabinet, $20 for spray paint and $5 for the knobs…give or take a few bucks) and worth every penny if you ask me. It’s solid wood and something we’ll probably have in our house forever.

Who knows, maybe it will end up as a little girls changing table someday 😉 beforeandafter


I scored this little lady on Craiglist a few weeks ago for $50:DSC_0942Our house is tiny, like 820 square feet for 3 adults, a baby, two dogs and a cat. There’s not an inch of extra space, and none of it’s mine. I mean technically the whole house is mine, but none of it’s mine. You know what I mean? I constantly have all my crap spread out on the kitchen table and have to re-clean it up at least 3 times a day. I’m over it. So when we sold the treadmill that was taking up this half of our room, I knew I better jump and claim the space before it was taken up by something else we just had to have. So, I found this on Craiglist but it was already claimed when I sent my email. Luckily, the other people were a no show (thanks for being a flake!) and she was all mine! I think I did a little jig in the living room. I’m a bit foggy on the details.

We (and by we I mean Corey) drove 45 minutes each way just to get her on our only day off. But even he had to admit, it fit perfectly and would last us way longer than something we’d pick up at Target for the same price. It was nice though. We dropped Cooper off at my mom’s , grabbed a couple of slushies and hit the road. We turned the music up loud and I think it was one of the first times we’ve left the house together without the baby. One thing I love about Corey, he always goes along with my ideas and rarely ever complains (out loud anyways).

Two cans of summer squash later and this baby was like brand new again:DSC_0046Now, all I needed was a chair. A few days later my sister in law sent me a text and this picture:

I could see the potential and it was only $10. A little leftover white spray paint and a $3 piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby and voila!DSC_0050Desk before and afterThe space is still a little bare.I did manage to hang a cork board I got from Marshall’s, and moved over my favorite picture of Cooper, but that’s about it so far. I still want to change the knobs but haven’t found anything I like yet. I’ve got plans for a new white comforter (am I crazy? I don’t care!) and a cool rag rug waiting for the other side of the bed. It’s nowhere near done, but it’s a start!



DIY Chalkboard
I used to have a smaller white chalkboard hanging here that was used at our wedding, but the chalkboard paint was getting scratched off the glass and it was time for a new coat. It sounded like a good plan, but as soon as Corey took the glass out it shattered. So I did what every reasonable person does. I got in the car and drove over to the thrift store and bought another frame. Problem solved.

The old frame even got a new home. A few weeks earlier I broke the cheap, plastic frame around our guest book/photo mat (that still doesn’t have a wedding picture in it) and the white frame was a perfect fit. When I figured this out I was actually glad that first piece of glass broke. Now to just get a picture printed and may I can finally get it hung after almost 2 years of marriage.

I originally intended to just use the glass from the new frame, but I liked how much thicker it was and that it took up a little more room on the wall. For the new chalkboard, we went with a turquoise to add some more punch to our (off)white walls and I now want to spray paint everything this color.

DIY Chalkboard
When I say *I* want to spray paint what I really mean is I want Corey to spray paint. You may not know this, but he is a master spray painter. Seriously. All his projects comes out perfect and mine are always spotty and drippy because I’m way too impatient. I know my strengths, and spray painting isn’t one of them. Lucky for me, I picked a good one.

DIY Chalkboard
Add a quick bunting made from some printed duct tape and a little twine and this is easily my favorite corner of the house. For now. I’m still looking for something to go on the wall next to the chalkboard but can’t make up my mind. What else is new? DIY Painted Flowerpot

I painted this little flower pot a few years ago on a whim one afternoon when I had time to just do things like that. The plant I originally put in it died and it’s just been sitting in the windowsill full of dirt ever since. I love that I finally found a home for it and I’m thinking about giving him a few friends soon, if I can find the time.

Things are getting done around here and to do lists and getting smaller, just not as quickly as we’d like. Most of our projects are bigger, take all weekend, type of things. So it feels good to cross something off, even if it is just a small chalkboard update. One thing at a time.

DIY Chalkboard

Vintage Cabinet Revamp

I snagged this vintage metal cabinet from the Mister’s mom on it’s way out to the trash. There was just one slight problem, it was hideous!

But, I could see through all the ugly yellow paint and rust. I knew that with a few cans of spray paint this baby would look right at home in my kitchen.


So, I taped this baby up and started spraying. I probably should have laid down newspaper on the little grass we do have, but I am much too impatient for that.

I used Rustoleum White Appliance Epoxy and a few hours later I had a brand new cabinet. It even makes a good home for my bar supplies. Score!