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Since we’re home so much these days, it seems only natural that I’d switch things around in here. Corners of our house that never bothered me before were suddenly driving me crazy. I started with a good cleaning and went through every drawer, every scary cabinet and even dusted the top of my cabinets. It was pretty bad. I don’t even remember the last time I did it, and I instantly felt better when I was done. But it wasn’t enough!

I started with a new (round) dining room table and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I planned on painting the old bench too but since the table took three cans of chalk paint, I think I’ll just deal with the brown for now. White Round Table Chalk PaintIMG_9730

Then I tackled the dark, narrow (and impossible to take pictures of) hallway. Some of these frames have been sitting in our room for over two years now! Procrastination is my middle name.
Gallery Wall Narrow HallwayGallery Wall Narrow Hallway IMG_9783 IMG_9782Then I was on to pillow covers. It only took me THREE trips to Joann’s to get the right amount of fabric. And now you know why I was an English major.
IMG_9743 DIY Envelope Pillow CoversThe white fabric was so thin the design on the pillow was showing through but I was NOT going back to the store. After a little tinkering I ending up cutting an old white sheet and sewed it to the fabric. BOOYAH!

And just for fun, I scored the most amazing deal on new patio furniture from Craiglist and made Corey drive to pick it up at 7am on a Saturday. There’s no way I could pass up a deal like that and they even had it waiting out by the road for us. I’m nothing if not a caring, thoughtful wife. 😉

Patio Furniture DIY Twine Triple Hanging Planter

I’m so glad we get to call this place our home!


Now that the wedding planning is over and done with we can actually spend some time focusing on the house and I’m so excited! We got engaged right after we bought the house and the wedding took over, so the house still looks almost exactly like it did one day one. We’re ripping up the floors and putting in new tile soon but until that happens I’m trying to focus on other areas of the house. Priority #1? BACKYARD!

Our first place had a big pool in the backyard that we never took care of, which if you didn’t know… pool – chlorine = sludge. It was gross. Pools are a lot of work. Who knew? It got to the point where I basically avoided that backyard like the plague. I even avoided any window looking out to the yard. We went through spirts of “Yeah! Let’s do this!” and we’d go to the store and spend an obscene amount of money on chlorine, mulch, and plants only to let the plants die and the pool turn green a few days later. We were busy, life got in the way, (insert excuse here) and ultimately, we knew we wouldn’t be there for very long. Fast forward three years later….we’re at it again. But for realsies this time.

Oh, and guess what the number one “must have” on our house hunt? NO POOL! Now we have a huge open slate for a backyard. Sure, there’s not much grass and a crap ton of sand but it’s ours and we aren’t going anywhere for a long time!

I always wanted to grow my own vegetables in the yard and when I mentioned I wanted to build a raised garden bed, the Mister jumped at the chance to use his Drill! and Saw! and Power Tools! I came home from work to see this happening:

Betsy Crocker: Garden                  Don’t mind the dead grass. We’re working on that, too. One step at a time.

If that isn’t the sexiest thing you ever saw, I don’t know what is! I think I just fell in love all over again.

Betsy Crocker: Garden

So far we’ve got tomatoes (cherry and regular – not pictured, they’re in a separate planter), cauliflower, red pepper, green peppers, red lettuce, romaine lettuce, basil, oregano, parsley, and some sunflowers and marigolds for good measure.

Betsy Crocker: Garden

Everything still looks pretty puny but I’m excited to watch everything grow. It’s been in place about 3 weeks now and, so far, everything is still alive. Knock on wood.


Betsy Crocker: Wedding Setup

Planning this wedding completely took over my life for the past year (hence, why I’ve been MIA around here) and I don’t think I slept more than three consecutive hours the week before. And the day before, it was obviously starting to show. Sit down! Relax! Let me help! I couldn’t sit still. There was so much to doooo!

It was a day overflowing with errands, frantic last minute trips to publix, and endless pick ups. When we got to the flower shop at 10am and the guy who helped me two weeks prior just looked at me like I was crazy when I asked about my order, I assumed the rest of the day would go the same way. Almost two hours later, the delivery truck finally arrived and my flowers were ready and they were beautiful! But as beautiful as they were, we were still behind scheduled and had 3 bouquets, 7 boutonnieres, and 12 centerpieces to make! In one day!

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Dessert Table

Thankfully (not only is the Mister super helpful and pretty damn crafty) my friend and bridesmaid, Ashley, came over and 2/5 of Corey’s (and mine now, too) sister’s were staying at our house for the weekend. So naturally, I put those girls to work! Armed with cheese pizza and full glasses of wine we spread out on the living room floor and started clipping and arranging centerpieces. Next time you guys come for “vacation” there will be no slave labor involved! Scouts honor!

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Dessert Buffet Table

The next morning we were on the road by 7am with a three tier wedding cake balanced on my lap. We had to get the entire venue setup and decorated in under 3 hours so I could make it over to the hotel to meet the hair/makeup girl at 10am. It was a mad rush and I may have had a slight freak out moment once or twice (HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES IT TAKE TO PUT TOGETHER A DANCE FLOOR?! YOU HAVE TIME TO DRINK COFFEE?!) but we got it all done and everything looked great. All the hard work and late nights payed off!

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Shoes

The hotel was nothing but pure relaxation and my nerves slowly slipped away. It may have had something to do with the mimosas, but it was so nice to just sit around and get pampered by the lovely Lucianne from Face2Face (Seriously – so talented! And so sweet!). Hailey ran around the hotel room while us girls chatted and drank champagne. It was exactly what I needed. The texts from the Mister asking how I was doing (he knew how nervous I was!) helped too! How did I get so lucky?

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Getting Ready

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Mom and I

When it was time to step into that dress I was relaxed, slightly buzzed, and ready to get the show on the road!

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!


I’m about to give up my best kept secret when it comes to buying button up shirts. I’ve only ever shared this with one other person, so use it wisely and share with extreme caution because once you tell people what I’m about to tell you, all bets are off. Ok, here it goes…

Betsy Crocker: DIY Embellished Chambray Shirt

I picked up this chambray shirt on a quick trip to Target…in the little boys section! They had the same exact shirt in the women’s section, but it had pearl buttons (which I didn’t want anyways) and was $22. This one was only $12. Is your mind blown or what?!

I love a good chambray shirt as much as the next girl, but this one was a little too plain for me since I already had another one at home. But that’s nothing a little glue and a few buttons can’t fix. I pulled out my stash sent to me by Lots of Buttons and got to work.

Here’s what you’ll need
Shirt to embellish
Jewel It glue
Wire cutters
Nail file

Betsy Crocker: DIY Embellished Chambray Shirt

First things first, you’ll need to remove the shank (if there is one) from the back of the buttons. I didn’t get to take a picture of this step, but you pretty much just take the wire cutters and snap it off. Then I used a nail file to get off any remaining pieces. You want the buttons to be as flat as you can get them, but if it’s not perfect it’s ok.

Betsy Crocker: DIY Embellished Chambray Shirt

I laid out a few different designs to see what I liked best and mirrored it on the other side. Before I started gluing I put a paper towel under each side of the collar just in case the glue soaked through. It doesn’t look like it did, but better safe than sorry! I also applied the glue with a q-tip since you really only need a small amount. Lay flat and let dry over night.

The bottle says you should be able to wash the shirt without the buttons coming off. They do feel very secure, but I don’t want to take my chances.  I’d suggest spot cleaning, but I’m terribly messy and will no doubt need to wash it at some point so I will let you know how it holds up. But it did already survive a long night of dancing!

Betsy Crocker: DIY Embellished Chambray Shirt




If your love of books is anything like mine then you totally understand the need for the above disclaimer. I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. My major in college was English and I had no problem with the one-novel-per-week homework for each course. I actually looked forward to it despite everyones whats-wrong-with-that-girl eyebrows. Now, one of my favorite places to be is at my (soon to be) Sister-in-law’s used bookstore but, sadly, I don’t always have enough time to read.

When I saw different versions of this wreath popping up all over the internet I knew I had to make one.  Armed with nothing more than a single inspiration picture stored in my iPhone library I was determined  All I really knew was that I wanted this thing to be big and there was no way I was murdering any of my books no matter how adorable the end product may be! And then I remembered I’d been hauling a bag of tattered, old books around in my trunk for the last 3 months that were destined for Goodwill. So, I hauled those babies right back inside. See! I knew there was a reason for my extreme procrastination!

I used two different sized books for the wreath. Two small goosebumps books for the inner parts of the wreath and a bigger one fot the outside and back (three books total). I spent one night planted in front of the TV just rolling and stapling book pages and assembled everything the next night.

I debated making the wreath frame out of thick cardboard but wasn’t sure if that would give me the right amount of depth I was looking for. After a quick trip the dollar store I settled on a wooden branch frame that I covered with newspaper and duct tape to give it a better shape and make it a little more sturdy.

Then, starting with the larger pages (if you’re using two different sizes) start hot gluing the pages to the wreath face down. I just started gluing until there was no space left. I also trimmed the tails off the pages after they were glued down to keep the middle of the wreath open. Once you got everything covered and clipped, turn it over. It should look something like this:

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

For the front, I did one row of the larger book pages before I started on the smaller ones. Just keep gluing, and gluing, and gluing. And try not to burn yourself! It sucks, trust me!

Now it’s time to clean up that middle section.

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

Gently turn over the wreath and lay it face down. Take the tail end of the middle pages, fold them back and glue in place. One thing I learned in the process is that when you get to the last few pages in the middle of the wreath, try to get the staple as close to the bottom of the roll as possible. This will make it much easier to hide the staples. If you can’t get low enough, try using a piece of scotch tape.

Turn it back over and check for any empty spots and fill in with extra pages. I also added a ribbon with two staples and reinforced it with a little hot glue to make sure it wouldn’t fall down. I used a gray ribbon so it could stay up all year since I decided to gift it to the bookstore.

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

There really is no better home for it.