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16 Weeks

After a long day of work and making dinner, we decided to run outside and snap a few pictures since I was feeling extra bumpalicious. And when I saw the pictures on the computer I totally started freaking out.

“Where did that come from?!”

“Is it really that big already?!”

“But it wasn’t there last week!”

I am convinced this bump just showed up and then doubled overnight. While I absolutely love it and find myself rubbing my big Buddha belly all day long, I did not expect to pack away all my pants and cute dresses (thanks to going up 2 cup sizes already!) this soon. It is officially time to break out the stretchy pants!

And I apologize if my glowing white legs are hurting your eyes. I am yearning for my Jergens tanning lotion, but until December I’ve decided to embrace the paste! 

I really can’t believe that I’ll be 17 weeks on Monday and starting my 5th month already. Time is flyingggggg by. When I mentioned this to Corey he just looked at me and said “yeah, time flies when you’re in a coma”. It’s true, I have been sleeping so much you’d think I was reliving my high school summer vacations. It’s gotten better lately, even though just yesterday I was caught cat napping on the couch after dinner, but for the first three months I was literally in bed by 7pm at the latest. I never even felt the tired coming on but then BAM! I was out cold.

During one of our earlier doctor visits Corey even asked the doctor, “When is she going to stop being so tired?!” I tried to explain to him that the word tired doesn’t even cut it. Drowning in a sea of exhaustion is more like it. Making a baby is a hard work!

Current Cravings:

Bean burritos!
Ice cream (mint chocolate chip, pleaseeeeee)
Gallons of water
Salt & vinegar chips

And here a few pictures from the last couple of weeks:

13 weeks ultrasound

13 weeks  – the first ultrasound that looked like more than just a tiny spec. Would you look at those little bones! My heart might just explode out of my chest!

14 week bump

14 weeks – just a teeny tiny I-ate-too-many-donuts bump. 

15 week bump

15 weeks – turning into less of a food baby, and more of a real baby bump!

16 week bump 16 weeks – Woahhh mama!

I go back to the doctor on Monday and we will (hopefully!) find out whether it’s a boy of a girl! I am counting down the days and if the baby doesn’t cooperate I am going to be so completely and utterly crushed! so fingers crossed.

I am team girl and Corey is team boy (naturally). What do you think?