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Remember Me?

Let’s face it – Sometimes life just gets in the way and things get pushed aside. Laundry piles up, dates get postponed, and I’ve never appreciated my dishwasher so much. Lately, I feel so frazzled. My weeks are planned out in advance, which I never used to do, and I actually have to put things on my calendar. So weird!

Between working full-time six days a week, writing album reviews for The Pier, occasionally trying to make it out to some of the Mister’s shows, planning a wedding (!!!!!!!), maintaining the house, and making sure we eat something other than fast food every night, the blog just…fell behind.

BUT, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been itching to get back on board! And I’ve been pinning ideas like a mad woman (follow me here).

In the meantime, here’s some of what you missed:

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(Left to right): 1. We met one of my fav. people, Anthony Bourdain and 2. got his autograph! 3. We also got engaged! (told you i’ve been busy!!) 4. Celebrated Easter with this little bunny 5. Learn how to do a sock bun! Thank you Pinterest! 6. National Grilled Cheese Day! 7. Went to one of my closest friend’s Bridal Shower 8. I’ve been a jammin’ fool!

I’ll be back this week with some delicious recipes and a few DIY projects I’ve been working on, so stay tuned!

See ya!

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Program…

Sorry for the delay, I was off buying a house. No, really. I was.

And now that it is all over I can finally sit back and relax instead of tossing and turning all night and biting my finger nails until they bleed. If you’ve ever even attempted to buy a house you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, well you’ll see (insert evil laugh).

It was without a doubt the MOST stressful thing we’ve ever had to endure but after months of looking at houses, one fraudulent appraisal resulting in $495 worth of fees on my credit card, and two cancelled contracts I am SO glad it is all over with.

Throughout the whole process everyone tried to assure us that “it wasn’t meant to be” and that “the right house will find you” which I thought was all the crap they thought they were supposed to say, but we really did find the perfect little house.

We started moving in two weeks before Christmas and since all our stuff had been packed for over two months (we found out the appraisal was fraudulent on the other house just a week before the closing) it was relatively painless. I always look forward to the holidays every year and I was pretty bummed when I wasn’t able to decorate for Halloween because we thought we were moving, that when we finally did move I was determined to put up a Christmas tree even if it was surrounded by cardboard boxes.

So the week before Christmas I snagged one of the last table-top trees, dug out a few decorations, hung a wreath on the door, lit some pine scented candles and it felt like Christmas in no time.

I can’t wait to start putting the brand new kitchen to good use. My old kitchen had outdated appliances (I now have a dishwasher! Yee!), chipped tiles and I was blocked off from the rest of the house. I could spend all day in my new kitchen (and I intend to).

Now if only I could get the rest of those boxes unpacked….

My view from the kitchen. I love feeling like we are sharing the same space and spending time together even when he’s in the living room playing video games and I’m in the kitchen making a mess.

Our first picture in the new house. Don’t mind my lopsided bangs. This was taken around 10pm and we’d just come from closing. It was a long day!