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IMG_3734 IMG_4226A few weeks ago Cooper’s cousin Luca was visiting from Texas and he was in pure heaven. Every day he’d wake up and ask “Go see Wuca now?”. She’ll be back in a June with all the other cousins and we can’t wait. I’m so glad my babies get to grow up surrounded by such a huge family.IMG_4267 IMG_4340 IMG_4344 IMG_4254A 20 week bump! Halfway!IMG_4328 IMG_4413Coop’s notoriously hated his costumes the last two Halloweens but has been randomly asking to wear them lately and it’s the cutest thing ever…for all of about 5 minutes until he’s taking them off again. But still…progress!IMG_4425We’ve also been trying to work on potty training over here. It’s not going well but at least he’s not crying when he’s sitting on the potty anymore. Hopefully he’ll get the hang of it sometime before he goes to kindergarten. IMG_4402 IMG_4432 IMG_4439 IMG_4478Probably my favorite picture ever. I’ll surely be embarrassing him with this one for the rest of my life.
IMG_4485 IMG_4494 IMG_4508 IMG_4513My boys <3 Let’s just hope I can get them to nap together when baby #2 is on the outside.


I have three half written posts sitting in my drafts folder but nothing is coming together. All my words are being used on my side project. 11,476 of them. But who’s counting? 😉

Anyways, life via iPhone in 3…2…1…

IMG_9477His happy place is a pile of laundry. IMG_9530IMG_9524First haircut! IMG_9576Third day hair THIRD day hair! That never happens for me, thus justifying the selfie.
IMG_9539IMG_9493IMG_9489IMG_9606The best $40 ever spent. IMG_9592IMG_9679Storms, man! At least it didn’t end up on the neighbors roof this time.

Here’s to a (hopefully) sunnier weekend!


I’ve been sorting through and deleting the pictures on my phone and pulled a few gems out of the vault (aka 2008 – 2011 aka pre-marriage and a baby carriage). One day when he’s really getting on my last nerve and I’m gritting my teeth I’ll be able to look back and see what a coupla cute kids we were and I’ll forgive him in an instant. Unless he ate the last ice cream. Then it’s on!

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Early morning cartoons
National cheese pizza day!
(Is this really a thing? I don’t know but any reason for pizza is reason enough for me.)
Guess what? Baby butt!
Going through my pre-baby box and finally being able to take a few more pieces out
Walk it out
Organization makes me happy
10 months <3
These guys! Swoon City, USA


We’ve got family coming in this weekend, a BBQ planned for Sunday, and a long weekend of laying around the house. I am so ready for it. LEHGO!

But for now, here’s a few little things making me smile recently:


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