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Halloween is a tricky holiday for parents.

You tell your kids not to eat candy from strangers, except on the one day a year when we actually ask strangers for candy. And then there’s the costumes. Buy one too early and you risk having to return it once your kid changes his mind for the 5th time, wait too long and you’ll be stuff with the reject costumes.

You’re basically screwed either way.

And there’s the impossible task of getting a costume for a 3 month old. Have you seen those things? They’re all plush and long sleeved. Poor Cam would sweat his butt off.

For the last two years Cooper cried when I put on his Halloween costume and begged me to take it off. This year he knew what he wanted to be (a T-Rex) 3 months early and talked about it on a daily basis to everyone. Anytime someone came in the house he’d blurt out “t-rex cosume!” and they’d instantly look at me, waiting for an explanation. He was the proudest dino I ever saw.

And there’s the impossible task of getting a costume for a 3 month old. Have you seen those things? They’re all plush and long sleeved. Poor Cam would sweat his butt off. I initially felt bad about not getting him a real costume, but then I came to my senses because who has time for that, and put him in his dino pjs. Done and done!

Once the costumes were secured, we had some family over for a pumpkin carving party (which Cooper wanted nothing to do with). Then a few days later, we did a test run at the trunk-or-treat at my sister’s school. AND THEN was the real thing. Cooper was very much into it this year and was constantly at the head of the pack.

Pictures comin’ at cha in 3…2…1…

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When my stepdad saw my shorts he told my mom “man, those shorts are really unflattering!” like they were part of my regular wardrobe. Ha! What do you think? Can we get the mom shorts to make a comeback?dsc00500 dsc00508


I wasn’t sure how Halloween would go this year since this is the reaction I got when I originally tried Coop’s costume on:
IMG_1177Which was almost exactly the same as last year:

I had the costume hanging up in his room for almost a month and everyday he would grab my finger and take me to see it.

“Yeah! It’s so cool. Don’t you want to wear it?”
“No!” and off he’d run down the hall. I didn’t push him on it and figured I could just bribe him with a piece of candy, if necessary. (it was)

Instead, I got to work on mine and Corey’s costumes. I would have preferred to just order costumes and get it over with, but the only Woody and Jessie costumes out there are one-piece jumpsuits. So DIY it is!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I was surprised how good the shirt turned out (I was doubtful about halfway through) but it was pretty easy and only cost about $30 for both of our costumes. I even ended up making a yarn wig for myself. I followed this tutorial and thought the idea of attaching the yarn to a headband was genius. It stayed on all night (meaning a whole 2 hours) without any problems.

I traced the cow print fabric against a pair of jeans and loosely hand sewed it with white thread. I cut out the stitches when we got home and you’d never know the difference. And all I did for Corey’s was dye the shirt yellow and I bought the accessories from the party store. That’s about as easy as it gets!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I was stressed out about getting Cooper dressed and it went pretty much how I imagine it would. I had to hold him down and wrestle him the entire time. Corey was pacing in the living room ready to rip off his own costume and call it a night. “Just give him a minute!” I pleaded in my red wig on the living room floor.

We were all finally dressed and were out the door but he was still pissed and we had to wait for the rest of our group. I frantically called my mom and told them to hurry up because as soon as Cooper sees Hailey all is right in the world.

He finally gave in to the lollipop I tried to bribe him with and we managed a little smile.


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset



And finally the other kids showed up in their costumes and Cooper realized this whole Halloween thing isn’t half bad. He even willingly took candy from a stranger’s bowl and I’m still not sure how I feel about that haha


IMG_1891 IMG_1899

And what would Halloween be without photoshopped backgrounds? (Thanks, Doug!)



Halloween 2015, you were lovely. Now, where’s my Christmas tree?


IMG_1447Last Sunday we got ourselves up bright and early at the same time as always and headed down to the pumpkin patch at the Flamingo Roads Nursery. The weather was a delightful 81 degrees and we made it there before the crowd hit, which is absolutely essential in having a good time and in getting a few halfway decent pictures without some strangers kid in your shot. IMG_1384IMG_1386Daddy, showing us how it’s doneIMG_1391He’s already perfecting his “ah, stop it mom” faceIMG_1589We learned our lesson from last year and hit the hay ride first thing this year (but not before getting a frozen apple cider!). We got right on and Cooper immediately flipped out over the feeling of the hay on his legs but once we started moving, he was so happy. He was pointing at everything and kept saying “fun! fun! fun!” IMG_1399


IMG_1422He would much rather look at the tractor than pose in front of it. Typical. IMG_1402_CIRCLELet me stop right here and take a second to say thank you to the girl who photobombed not one but ALL of my pictures from the hay ride. I’m just glad you were far enough away that I could successfully crop you out and also photoshop you:WITCHWho’s laughing now, witch? 😉IMG_1465IMG_1463When I took this there was a Dad with his young son standing near me and the kid asked,
“Dad, who is that?”
“That’s the buddha”
“Who’s the buddha?
“Um…he’s…a really wise guy who thinks a lot” 

IMG_1461IMG_1438Lately Cooper is obsessed with Cars (the movie) and is constantly carrying around his Mater and McQueen toys, so we were so excited for this. And it was, hands-down, his favorite part of the day. I’m not sure who loved it more, Cooper or us seeing him enjoy it. We went out to lunch afterwards and all he wanted to do was look at this picture on my phone, hug it and say “oh, mater”. My boy is nothing short of a total lover. IMG_1417You know you had a successful day when you look back 5 minutes after pulling out of the parking lot to see THIS:IMG_1472And then he woke up and we got to go play with a bunny! Can you say best day ever!
IMG_1475And then said bunny landed a nice scratch on Coop’s neck while he was trying to give him a goodbye hug. But it’s all good (baby baby) because that bunny took a beating from Thomas the Train and was a CHAMP about it.

We’ve since carved our $12 pumpkin and only after 2 days on the porch we’re already seeing the first signs of mold. That’s Florida in the fall for ya.IMG_1590Th Th Th That’s all folks!

Last year at the pumpkin patch: here 


Last Halloween things looked a lot different around here:

We finally got around to carving our pumpkin the night before Halloween. Procrastination is my middle name. I thought Cooper would be all over those goopey insides since he just loves to make a mess, but he was more interested in my tupperware and eating the lid (told ya so!)

I was really nervous about Coop’s Halloween costume because the few times I tried to put it on he just cried like a maniac and then even looking at the thing made him crazy. But it was a success! He must have known there would be candy involved. What he didn’t know is that none of it was for him. Maybe next year, kid.

We did a lap around Publix, because why not? Any reason to get this cute boy in a costume is reason enough for me!

Then it was time for the real fun…

Some of us were less pleased with our costumes than others, but Hailey was set on being the wicked witch and I already had the Dorothy costume so we went from there. I wonder what will happen next year when we have two kids with big opinions running around.

I had no idea how the whole trick-or-treating thing would go since we left right around bed time, but he made a good effort:
IMG_7581IMG_7582IMG_7580IMG_7584Before falling asleep and making me carry him for the last four blocks. And as soon as we got home and I laid him in his bed he was like “Wait! I’m up!” and was ready to party. Too bad we we’re so exhausted and it was still only 9pm. Oh how thing have changed from a few years ago! But I wouldn’t change any of it, not even for all the mini snickers in the world. IMG_7556

Bleeding Brain Cupcakes

Betsy Crocker: Brain Cupcakes

Zombies are a pretty big deal in our house. We constantly stand around in the kitchen discussing the inevitable and impending apocalypse, our plan of attack (close and lock all the shutters immediately!) and the ground rules (If I get bit, you put me down. No hesitating!)

We were a couple of zombies for Halloween one year and we’ve easily seen close to 50 zombie movies (and own about 20.) Did you know Snoop Dog (or is it still Snoop Lion?) is in one called Hood of the Dead? No? Well, let’s just say there’s a perfectly good reason why.

So it would seem only natural that we are huge fans of The Walking Dead. With the season 3 premier last Sunday I knew I had to make us some of our own brains to eat. But I can’t take the credit for the disgusting delicious strawberry jam filling. That was all the Mister’s idea.

I used a regular yellow boxed cake mix and canned icing (shhh! don’t tell the other food bloggers). But the strawberry jam was completely homemade! Does that earn me back some cool points?

Betsy Crocker: Brain Cupcakes

1 box yellow cake mix (and ingredients)
1 tbs vanilla extract (optional)
Jam (any flavor, but something red for proper effect)
Butter cream icing
Red food coloring

1. Prepare cupcakes per package directions.
2. When completely cool, take a pairing knife and cut out a circle from the top of the cupcake. Keep this piece.
3. Fill with a tbs of jam and replace the cupcake lid.
4. Mix 1 drop of red food coloring with 1 cup butter cream icing. You should end up with slightly pink shade.
5. Pipe on the brains and release your inner zombie!

Store uneaten brains in an air tight container in the refrigerator and let them come to room temperature before devouring.