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DSC_0326On Saturday we filled our tiny house with 5 kiddos and their mama’s and had ourselves a little party. It was so great to get together with everyone and chat while making a cute pair of stamped leggings to take home.

Ideally everyone would make their own stamp at the party, but since most of the kids were pretty young I decided to just go ahead and make them all ahead of time. I pulled out my christmas cookie cutters and a few stencils and I think they came out pretty good. It definitely was easier than I thought it would be.

DSC_0271I ended up with 2 christmas trees, a candy cane, lights, stars and a heart (incase anyone didn’t want to go the Christmas themed route). I thought about making the stamps double sided but didn’t want to chance it being too messy and accidentally getting paint where it shouldn’t be. I totally could have done it though and probably will next time. That fabric paint dries super quick.

I wasn’t sure how the day was going to pan out because Cooper straight-up refused to nap (besides a teaser 15 minutes on the drive home from Publix) that day and I gave everyone a fair warning as soon as they arrived.

It wasn’t necessary though because he was thoroughly entertained the entire time and not one of the kids had a meltdown. That in itself is a great success. The chocolate chip cookies helped, I’m sure.
DSC_0283Brit + Co and Old Navy were kind enough to send us enough supplies and leggings for everyone, which made this party so simple to put together. But really you could easily pick up everything in one trip to the store if you want to host your own. (Do it!)

I covered our table in brown kraft paper and divided the supplies between 5 little buckets so everyone could take theirs home with them at the end of the party.DSC_0284DSC_0287I’ll admit — we were all a little apprehensive to get started because we didn’t want to “mess up”, but once one of us finally went for it and we saw how good the stamps were working, we all jumped in and got to work. DSC_0292DSC_0295DSC_0297DSC_0299Everyone’s leggings turned out so cute and we’re already talking about doing it again next year. One of our little friends was even a bit sad when it was time to leave because she just wanted to do more, but since I sent everyone home with their set of supplies so can keep the parDIY going as long as they want. I’m thinking about re-using the stamps on plain brown wrapping paper for my presents this year. They’re just too cute to only use once.

I love the way Cooper’s legging turned out and can’t wait for him to wear them when we go see Christmas lights this weekend. DSC_0306Thanks again Old Navy and Brit + Co!

Hot Glue Gun, Meet My Finger.

In case you didn’t know – CRAFTING IS DANGEROUS!

There I was, just standing at the kitchen counter with my hot glue gun in hand, practicing on some rolled fabric rosettes for an upcoming project when a huge glob of wet glue made contact with the underside of my finger. Don’t ask me how it happened because I have no idea. But as soon as the hot glue made contact I flung the gun on the counter and screamed out a slew of expletives while I rubbed my finger on my sweat pants trying to get that damn glue off my skin.

Hearing all the commotion, the Mister sprang into action and thrust my hand under the faucet. All the while I was screaming and crying like a little baby.


“I know…I know…” he replied, softly rubbing my back as I cried into my arm and smeared mascara all over my face.

I stood hunched over the kitchen sink, crying and moaning, while my finger felt like it was literally ON FIRE even through the cool steady steam of water. Every time I thought I was OK and tried to take my hand out of the water, the fire came rushing back.

I tried to block out the pain and not act like a toddler, but it was no use. I gave in and put on my best pouty face. All I could think about was being “too busy to be hurt!” and that I have “too many things to do!”. He just smiled and shook his head, probably trying to contain his laughter. A smart man knows when it’s too soon to laugh.

Betsy Crocker - Burned Finger

Instead, he ran outside and cut some fresh aloe, pulled the gauze out from the unorganized hallway closet, and wrapped my finger with such care (even though I was yelling at him to MOVE FASTER! And to NOT PRESS SO HARD!) and in that moment I was so thankful he was there. If he hadn’t been, I would’ve surely overreacted and called 911 or something. That’s not to say I didn’t ask…

“Are you SURE I don’t need to go to the hospital?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

My skin was literally melted and smooshed over to one side and he didn’t even flinch. It may have something to do with the fact that his day job involves standing around in surgery looking at far more disgusting things than my mangled finger but either way, he just never panics. It’s one of the things I love most about him. And it’s not just with blood and guts either. No matter what is going on, he’s as cool as can be. Me on the other hand, I just go straight into panic mode and can’t think straight as the anxiety builds in my chest. He’s always telling me to “calm down” and “relax”. I should probably listen to him, but that would be the easy thing to do.

After all was said and done my still burning finger was tenderly wrapped in gauze and I clutched it to my chest, pouty face still in place. He bent down and kissed me on the forehead and told me I was “damn tough” even though my eyes were red and my cheeks were streaked with black tears. I couldn’t help but think about our future and the kids that will inevitably come with scraped elbows and bloody knees, that will endure fevers and stomach viruses, and while I’ll probably still panic I’m glad that through it all I will have my calm and collective man right by my side.