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IMG_3064 So while Cooper may not have understood the concept of opening presents last year….he definitely caught on this time around! He ripped through his presents (I did make the mistake of letting him open a Lightning McQueen car first which halted everything for a good 10 minutes…oops!) and was ready to open anything wrapped in shiny paper within a 15 foot radius, including gifts that weren’t even for him. “Mo pesents, peas?” is all we heard all day long. And while I don’t want him to think Christmas is all about the presents, it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Watching him get so excited is the only present I’ll ever need.

On to the pictures and a little video:
IMG_3075 IMG_3079 IMG_3091Cookies at Grandma’s first thing in the morning…IMG_3094and the sugar rush that followed!IMG_3097There’s nothing that makes him smile like seeing him self on the front-facing camera. It’s pretty much the only way I can get a half decent, non-blurry picture these days.IMG_3118TwinsiesIMG_3160a portion of the cousins (still missing 4!)

We went to see Santa a few days before Christmas and he was fine until I sat him on this strange guys lap and stepped away. I expected as much though, but I feel like the crying picture with Santa is just a right of passage. Better luck next year.  IMG_2823Ignore the mess in the background. I know I try to. IMG_2828 IMG_2869And last but not least — a GOOD FAMILY PICTURE! It’s a Christmas miracle! And with our luck it won’t happen again until next year.


DSC_0326On Saturday we filled our tiny house with 5 kiddos and their mama’s and had ourselves a little party. It was so great to get together with everyone and chat while making a cute pair of stamped leggings to take home.

Ideally everyone would make their own stamp at the party, but since most of the kids were pretty young I decided to just go ahead and make them all ahead of time. I pulled out my christmas cookie cutters and a few stencils and I think they came out pretty good. It definitely was easier than I thought it would be.

DSC_0271I ended up with 2 christmas trees, a candy cane, lights, stars and a heart (incase anyone didn’t want to go the Christmas themed route). I thought about making the stamps double sided but didn’t want to chance it being too messy and accidentally getting paint where it shouldn’t be. I totally could have done it though and probably will next time. That fabric paint dries super quick.

I wasn’t sure how the day was going to pan out because Cooper straight-up refused to nap (besides a teaser 15 minutes on the drive home from Publix) that day and I gave everyone a fair warning as soon as they arrived.

It wasn’t necessary though because he was thoroughly entertained the entire time and not one of the kids had a meltdown. That in itself is a great success. The chocolate chip cookies helped, I’m sure.
DSC_0283Brit + Co and Old Navy were kind enough to send us enough supplies and leggings for everyone, which made this party so simple to put together. But really you could easily pick up everything in one trip to the store if you want to host your own. (Do it!)

I covered our table in brown kraft paper and divided the supplies between 5 little buckets so everyone could take theirs home with them at the end of the party.DSC_0284DSC_0287I’ll admit — we were all a little apprehensive to get started because we didn’t want to “mess up”, but once one of us finally went for it and we saw how good the stamps were working, we all jumped in and got to work. DSC_0292DSC_0295DSC_0297DSC_0299Everyone’s leggings turned out so cute and we’re already talking about doing it again next year. One of our little friends was even a bit sad when it was time to leave because she just wanted to do more, but since I sent everyone home with their set of supplies so can keep the parDIY going as long as they want. I’m thinking about re-using the stamps on plain brown wrapping paper for my presents this year. They’re just too cute to only use once.

I love the way Cooper’s legging turned out and can’t wait for him to wear them when we go see Christmas lights this weekend. DSC_0306Thanks again Old Navy and Brit + Co!





I remember last year I wanted to take Cooper to see Santa so badly but everyone I asked told me it “was not a good idea”. I mean, honestly, I knew it was a bad idea since Coop was just teetering over the 5lb mark and GERMS. I think I was just looking for someone to tell me it was OK so I could finally do something normal new moms do.

So this year as soon as December rolled around I was on the Santa bandwagon. We went with my mom and Hailey in the middle of the week to try and avoid the line and almost had a heart attack when we saw a yellow school bus in the parking lot. Thank Rudolph that they were all next door at the International Fishing Hall of Fame and there was only a teensy tiny line.

We even let a few people cut in front of us because Hailey insisted on bringing the TARGET SALE AD so she could show Santa everything she wanted (a few weeks ago she said she was just going to tell him she wanted “everything”). We didn’t think she would do it, but she did – for about 5 whole minutes. She turned the pages and pointed out all her favorites and Santa just nodded his head and threw in a “oh wow” and a “great choice” every now and again for good measure. The elf grabbed my arm and stood real close, “ooh, this is good. I’ve never seen this before”. All the parents just stopped to watch. It really was the cutest thing.  Finally he had to stop her and say “ok, why don’t we turn around so your mommy can take a picture”. (Their camera was down, but good thing my mom had hers. I had mine too but my SD card was at home on the table. Womp Womp. #momfail).


And then it was Cooper’s turn. I really thought he would freak and he did have the iron grip when I tried to hand him off to sit on some strange mans lap. There were no tears, but there weren’t any smiles either. AND I got to put him in the suit we bought for him after a particularly hard day at the hospital. Sometimes you just need to buy something for your baby. It’s good for the soul.


That suit was my saving grace for a little while there. “Just think, one day he’s going to be big enough to fit in this”.  I used to take it out of his closet and look at it all the time.


IMG_5476 IMG_5478IMG_5482IMG_5481“Ok, Mom. You got your picture. Can we go now?”

And a few more for good measure:

IMG_5493IMG_5498IMG_5523IMG_5532THE END.


Cooper Christmas 2014
I’ve had the Christmas decorations out and the trees decorated for a few weeks now. It feels a little extra special this year because finally everything is settled and we’re not preoccupied with some other huge thing. In 2011 we closed on our house 2 weeks before Christmas, 2012 = 2 months away from throwing a complete DIY wedding and fa-reaking out, and last year Cooper was only (almost) 2 months old and I was too busy making googly eyes to even care what day it was. This year it feels like we can finally stop and enjoy it. Usually Corey does a little whining and won’t drag anything out until December 1st, but he must feel it to because I didn’t hear a peep (until he had to get on the ladder and string lights anyways)! I can’t wait to hand him a wrapped present and watch what he does with it. Probably just put it in his mouth, but oh that drool soaked wrapping paper! I promise I’ll only keep a little…

DSC_0694DSC_0692(Cooper’s stocking from last year got ruined and my mom is giving me the one I always used to give to him. This is his understudy stocking. He’s doing a fine job)DSC_0742 DSC_0737DSC_0749
So yes, even though last year was his first actual Christmas, this is the first real one.

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays and I still enjoy nothing more than putting on my holiday Pj’s and snuggling up with The Santa Claus (yes, the Tim Allen movie. It’s my favorite). We’re taking Cooper to see the lighting of the tree this weekend in Davie and to see Santa next week. I think I’ve been looking forward to this moment my whole life. My baby on Santa’s lap! He’ll probably cry, but have you checked out the #fpbadsanta tag on instagram yet? So funny. A little sad, but mostly hilarious.

I was worried about putting up the big tree and what Cooper would do because even though he may still not be walking, he is on the move and pulling up on anything and I would have to move him 53248 times a day annnnddd all my ornaments are glass. No thanks. Frustration is not a good look for me. So, I picked up this little beauty at the Goodwill for $12! I saw her and didn’t think I’d like her (I’m not usually a colored christmas lights girl) but when I plugged her in and saw her all lit up, I knew she was coming home with me. It seems like the cool thing to do is name your tree, so I’ll call Estelle. She’s a vintage beauty all decked out in her jewels, she’s seen a lot in her day and no one is really sure how old she is because it’s so rude to ask. Even though she’s small, she’s a feisty one.

And now that we’ve got that out of our systems….

We stopped by the bookstore this week to drop off more wreaths, torture Catsby, and to try and get a Christmas picture. Almost every picture I have of him lately is blurry or he’s not looking so I didn’t have high hopes but we did manage to snag a few cute ones:

DSC_0958 DSC_0966
This is the same wagon from last year’s picture.Cooper Christmas 2013I like to do a lot of side-by-side comparisons, if you couldn’t tell.

Here’s to December. I like you a lot!DSC_0987DSC_0010


photo 3-1

The days since Cooper was born, and especially since he’s been home, have all been blended together. Corey and I are constantly asking each other what day it is and some days it feels like I wake up and 5 minutes later it’s already time for bed.

Our first Christmas as a family of three was no different.

With 3 stops to make, it was our first full day out of the house with the baby. Between making sure I had enough bottles ready to go beforehand, packing the diaper bag (and cooler and pump and presents) and coordinating my pump schedule, I was ready for bed before we even left. But once we made it out of the house, Cooper was a perfect baby. There was no major disasters and his outfit actually stayed clean and spit-up free the whole day. He literally slept through 90% of the Christmas festivities and didn’t seem to mind being passed around from one warm set of arms to the next.

photo 4-1photo 1-3

The day was over before I knew it and OF COURSE as soon as we got home this little boy was wide eyed and ready to go! We’re still trying to work on the whole day and night thing. He seems completely uninterested in establishing any type of schedule besides eating every 3-4 hours. We’re working on it as much as anyone can work on it with a 7 week old. 

photo 5Watching Hailey start to understand Christmas and Santa and watching her tear open her presents makes me so excited for next year and all the Christmas’s to come. While I don’t want him to grow up too fast and I’m trying to savor all of our late night feed/cuddle sessions and the new smiles, I can’t wait to watch this little boy grow up. I wonder what he’ll ask Santa for in the years to come. Will he want race cars or a swashbuckling pirate sword? Maybe a grill so he can cook alongside daddy or a shovel to help mama in the garden? Either way, I’m sure he’ll be spoiled to pieces.

We’re gearing up for Christmas part 2 next week when Corey’s sisters and nieces and nephews arrive to exchange gifts and sit around drinking tea, stuffing our faces and playing Apples to Apples. There will be 10 more people and 20 hands eager to meet the little man and I couldn’t be more excited to show him off.