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Betsy Crocker: DIY Book Page Ornament

I have a confession to make: I murdered another book. I know it’s terrible but it was in the sake of crafts and look how cute it came out! This may be my favorite project, ever! To my defense the particular Twilight  I used was turned into the bookstore in unsellable condition so I decided to give it everlasting life, which is actually very fitting if you think about it seeing as Edward’s a vampire and all.

I made 2 and gave them away to my Twilight loving nieces as Christmas presents. I get that Christmas is technically 11 days away but I figured maybe they could enjoy them for a few more days, as much as any 10 and 15 years olds can enjoy an ornament. Maybe this is in fact the lamest present ever, but my cool points will be restored once they open their real ones.

Old book
Mod podge
Foam brush
Polymer clay

Betsy Crocker: DIY Book Page Ornament

Since I wanted these ornaments to be a little more personalized rather than just random pieces of the book, I went through and cut out some of the girls favorite quotes. The 10 year old walks around repeating (word for word) “About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was part of him, and I didn’t know how potent that part might be, that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him”  so I knew I had to include that on hers, and the other is a vegetarian so for hers I made sure to include the part about Edward’s “special diet”.

After I had the quotes cut out and set aside I cut a handful of other pages from the book in to small pieces. These pieces will become the background layer of the ornament.  It’s best to cut out a bunch of background pieces at once so you don’t have to stop once you start. The mod podge can get a little messy and once its on your fingers it can leave smudges on the book pages. I tried to keep mine as clean as possible by keeping a damp rag nearby the whole time.

Betsy Crocker: DIY Book Page Ornament

Take the top hook portion of your ornament off and set it aside. Cover a small section in mod podge and cover it with one of your precut background pieces. You may have to hold it down for a second to allow the glue to dry so it wont move around on you. Keep doing this until the entire ornament is covered.

Then you can start adding your special quotes on top. If the quote is too big to fit without getting wrinkled you may have to cut it and piece it together on the ornament. I had to do this with one and the cut was hardly noticeable at the end.

Betsy Crocker: DIY Book Page Ornament

Once all the quotes you want are stuck on, cover the entire thing with a coat of mod podge and allow to dry to at least an hour. Then repeat one more time. The extra coats of glue make the ornaments more sturdy and give it a bit of shine.

I also covered the hook top piece will gold glitter (it was actually nail polish) because, well, why not?

Betsy Crocker: DIY Book Page Ornament

I also made a polymer clay READ tag, but I didn’t get any pictures of this step because I kind of just winged it and wasn’t sure how it would come out. But I basically just rolled it out, cut out my tag shape (free hand), stamped the clay, and baked it per the package directions in my toaster oven.

These ornaments are something you can put together in an afternoon and make a great gift for book lovers of any age!



If your love of books is anything like mine then you totally understand the need for the above disclaimer. I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. My major in college was English and I had no problem with the one-novel-per-week homework for each course. I actually looked forward to it despite everyones whats-wrong-with-that-girl eyebrows. Now, one of my favorite places to be is at my (soon to be) Sister-in-law’s used bookstore but, sadly, I don’t always have enough time to read.

When I saw different versions of this wreath popping up all over the internet I knew I had to make one.  Armed with nothing more than a single inspiration picture stored in my iPhone library I was determined  All I really knew was that I wanted this thing to be big and there was no way I was murdering any of my books no matter how adorable the end product may be! And then I remembered I’d been hauling a bag of tattered, old books around in my trunk for the last 3 months that were destined for Goodwill. So, I hauled those babies right back inside. See! I knew there was a reason for my extreme procrastination!

I used two different sized books for the wreath. Two small goosebumps books for the inner parts of the wreath and a bigger one fot the outside and back (three books total). I spent one night planted in front of the TV just rolling and stapling book pages and assembled everything the next night.

I debated making the wreath frame out of thick cardboard but wasn’t sure if that would give me the right amount of depth I was looking for. After a quick trip the dollar store I settled on a wooden branch frame that I covered with newspaper and duct tape to give it a better shape and make it a little more sturdy.

Then, starting with the larger pages (if you’re using two different sizes) start hot gluing the pages to the wreath face down. I just started gluing until there was no space left. I also trimmed the tails off the pages after they were glued down to keep the middle of the wreath open. Once you got everything covered and clipped, turn it over. It should look something like this:

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

For the front, I did one row of the larger book pages before I started on the smaller ones. Just keep gluing, and gluing, and gluing. And try not to burn yourself! It sucks, trust me!

Now it’s time to clean up that middle section.

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

Gently turn over the wreath and lay it face down. Take the tail end of the middle pages, fold them back and glue in place. One thing I learned in the process is that when you get to the last few pages in the middle of the wreath, try to get the staple as close to the bottom of the roll as possible. This will make it much easier to hide the staples. If you can’t get low enough, try using a piece of scotch tape.

Turn it back over and check for any empty spots and fill in with extra pages. I also added a ribbon with two staples and reinforced it with a little hot glue to make sure it wouldn’t fall down. I used a gray ribbon so it could stay up all year since I decided to gift it to the bookstore.

Betsy Crocker: Book Page Wreath

There really is no better home for it.