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After deciding on a dinosaur Halloween costume, the young price quickly proclaimed also wanted a “dino pawty”. Done and done.

Getting it all done with a fussy 3 month old was no easy feat, but tissue paper garlands and balloons go a long way in creating a festive atmosphere. The tiny party hats on the plastic dinosaurs (plucked right from Cooper’s toy box) helped too.

I had big plans to make his cake, but gave in to the power of Publix at the last minute. It’s a good thing though because his cake turned out way better than any Pinterest creation I would have put together at 2am. I’m always torn on doing the goodie bags. On one hand, I just really want to put them together but then again I feel like the party and food are enough, especially when it’s just family. So I put together a few activities instead.

I found a great deal on 100 pre-filled dinosaur eggs, so we spread them out in the yard and let the kids loose. After they collected their eggs (and carefully inspected/traded/sorted the tiny dinosaurs in each one), it was on to the dino dig site — aka the sand box. I bought a dinosaur mold from Oriental Trading that was designed to use with clay, but I had Corey use cement instead. We buried the bones in the sand and gave each kid a hat, bucket, shovel and paint brush to dig them out. It easily kept them occupied for a good 20 minutes, which in parentese is like an eternity.
This is Cooper’s “hurry up and take the picture so I can eat this cupcake already” face.

What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets.


Two came and went so quickly. And now you’re three.

You’re the boy who made me a mama and are the light of my entire life. Nothing I write here will ever do the love I have for you an ounce of justice.

This birthday feels like a big one. You’re on the edge between toddler and big kid and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

You have such a great sense of humor and find joy in the smallest things, like bubbles and powdered sugar donuts. I hope it sticks with you throughout your life and gets you through the inevitable hard days you’ll face.

You’re so tough and lately when you fall down, you’re quick to “shake it off” and it’s been a long time since you asked for me to “kiss it better”. While it does make me sad, I hope you always bounce back this quickly and never stop getting up to try again.

You still sleep in our bed and I snuggle you to sleep each and every night. It definitely wasn’t the planned sleeping arrangement, but I’m so glad your dad and I have had 3 solid years of snuggles. I hope you always find comfort in our arms and know you can always come to us.

You love your brother so much and it is my greatest joy to see you two together. You’re unbelievably gentle with him and always the first one to check on him when he cries. No one can make him laugh like you do either. His eyes light up when he looks at you and you can almost see the love radiating between the two of you. I hope you guys always stick together even when you hate each others guts. It’s important.

I want to bottle up your laugh, the way you throw your head back and let the sound erupt from your throat, and pull it out when I’m old and gray. I want to keep the sweet smell of your strawberry cheeks and the way your head feels on my chest. I don’t want you to grow another ounce. Not even a smidge.

But I know that even if I try to hold on, you’ll just keep on growing and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

So I guess I have to let you.

Here’s to my big three year old. We love you so much, Coop.



A few days after coming back from Disney, we had a little party to celebrate our boy with a few family members and it was perfect. I stayed up late the night before putting up decorations in the living room (the forecast said rain, just like last year) and Cooper was so excited when he saw them. He ran around yelling “Mick Mouse Cluhouse!” all morning. It made only getting 5 hours of sleep totally worth it.

We kept things small and laid-back this year and feasted on pizza, popcorn and ice cream cake. No one ever complains about pizza and cake.

Cooper had the biggest smile on his face when we all started to sing happy birthday to him, but he freaked the f out when we tried to get him to blow out the candle. He also wanted nothing to do with the actual cake, just the toy on top. He is his father’s child. (Corey doesn’t like cake, but he had some this year. I’m slowly breaking him down. It only took 7 years.)

And now for the pictures…DSC_0140DSC_0143DSC_0147DSC_0162DSC_0151DSC_0179DSC_0170DSC_0172DSC_0181DSC_0191DSC_0200DSC_0208I know everyone says it, but two years went by so fast. It’s like you have no concept of how fast time moves until you have a baby. And even though my heart (and my ovaries) ache a little every time I see one of his baby pictures, I wouldn’t go back even if I could.

This age is the one I think I’ll always long for when he’s all grown up. When he runs over and grabs my finger and leads me down the hall to his room and tells me to “Mimi, sit” — I could just burst. Or when I ask for a kiss and he grabs my cheeks to pull me in close and throws his arms around my neck. Or when we’re outside and he walks over holding a fist full of dirt and throws it in my lap as he mischievously giggles and runs away, looking back to make sure I’m chasing after him. Man, that’s good. It’s hard to imagine anything topping it, but I have been wrong before.

Two is going to be good. I can just tell.


While I’m not thrilled about being closer to 30 than to 20, I really feel like 26 is going to be my year. I’m hitting my stride and am more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. Everything in my life is exactly where it’s supposed to be and this is the first time in a long time that I feel like I can stop and enjoy it. The last couple years have been jam packed with buying a house, planning a wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy, and then (obviously) a new baby. I’ll always have some sort of big goal hovering off in the distance (like write a book!!!), but I’m making a conscious effort to stop and take big gulps of my life how it is right.this.minute so when I’m having “one of those days” I can stop complaining and remember just how good I have it. My baby is a little ball of love, my husband makes me feel beautiful on a daily basis even if all I’ve managed to do is brush my teeth, and we have a roof over our heads that we can call our own. I couldn’t ask for more. I mean I could, but I won’t.

I had to work on my actual birthday but was greeted with flowers,IMG_7079came home to my favorite spinach lasagna waiting on the table (thanks mom!) and then my parents came over to sing and eat key lime pie. The next day we had plans to have a late lunch at Dania beach so I could finally stick our little boys toes in the sand and show him just what being a Floridian is all about. This was his first time out at a restaurant, so I was a little nervous but this boy was a champ! He only had 2 quick 30 minute naps that day and still didn’t fuss one time.
IMG_7087 IMG_7086Even Corey said “This is great. I could do this every Sunday”. It may have had something to do with the fact that the football game was playing on every TV, but that’s just fine by me. IMG_7090

We got to go out, have a beer, and I was able to eat my food while it was still warm! Hot damn! I felt like Ashton was going to jump out at any second and tell me I was getting punk’d. This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen to me. Not lately anyways. We paid the bill and were so full and content that we were oblivious to the fact that the waitress never gave me back my debit card (I did realize later that day when I was standing in line at Publix through).

We took a walk along the beach and collected a few shells to put in the Cooper hall of fame under “first beach trip” and stuck his little feet in the sand. I was curious to see how he’d react since I know most babies (my sister included) throw a fit the first time. But like with most things, he made it look like he did it on a daily basis. #likeaboss

IMG_7121 IMG_7119 IMG_7100 IMG_7113
I was hoping our good luck would transfer over into the night and we’d finally get a full nights sleep but Cooper had other plans. Apparently he just didn’t want the fun to end because he woke up at 1am and was ready to party. This is only the second time we’ve had a night like this and it was just as sucky as the first one. In an effort not to wake our bread winner, we camped out on the living room rug and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. At least he wasn’t crying!

IMG_7093 IMG_7096
We climbed back in bed around 4am and spent the next 3 hours spooning in dreamland. I woke up to a little hand grabbing my nose and when I willed my heavy eyes to open, Cooper smiled at me behind his pacifier and clapped his hands. As much as I wanted to feel sorry for myself (and I may have just teeny tiny bit) I poured a cup of coffee and got on with it. And I was rewarded with a 3 hour nap that afternoon!

Bring it on, 26.