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A few (3) weeks ago most of Corey’s side of the family was already going to be in town for another party, so we thought it was the perfect time to host a small baby shower dinner at our place since that doesn’t happen often. We don’t actually need anything for this baby since we still have all of Cooper’s stuff, besides diapers (obviously), but it was so nice to have everyone in one place to celebrate our new addition.

I whipped up a little graphic to set the tone for the party, made a few decorations and just kept things really simple. Even though I usually love throwing parties and going ‘all out’, being 30 weeks pregnant made me realize I needed to take a step back and just let it all go. And I must say, it was really nice!

We ordered catering from Pollo Tropical, bought all the desserts the day before and it turned out great. OK, so we did run out of paper plates towards the end and it was literally about 100 degrees outside, but it was just the kind of small party I wanted.

And now for a few pictures…showerDSC00149DSC00153DSC00151I love that Cooper’s little train snuck its way into the picture. There is always a car or a monster truck nearby these days. DSC00161DSC00165We tried to get a picture of all three four of us, but Cooper was more intent on digging his cars and dinos out of the sandbox. Typical. DSC00166DSC00173A big thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us!


DSC00113DSC00082DSC00107We actually took these pictures on Mother’s Day and I thought I better hurry up and get them up before it’s time to deliver this baby, because the weeks are flying by!

When I was pregnant with Cooper, I meticulously marked the days off on my calendar and could tell you exactly how pregnant I was at any given moment. These days, if it wasn’t for my What To Expect app alerting me every week, I’d be completely clueless. It’s insane how fast the time goes by when you have a crazy 2.5 year old to chase around all day.

So far I’ve felt pretty good, albeit exhausted but that’s to be expected. The doctors are keeping an extra close eye on me this time around to try an avoid another NICU stay with this baby and there is nothing I want more than to actually be able to have the baby in my room and to leave the hospital at the same time. Really though, I’m just trying not to think about it too much because I’m a worrier and don’t want to get my hopes up.

They’ve got me on loads of progesterone and Corey is getting pretty good at giving me my weekly injections every Monday, even if they are (literally) a total pain in the butt. I’ve been guzzling as much water as I can stand and drinking an Emergen-C every day too since I read a bunch of stuff online about it helping prevent your water from breaking early, which is what happened with Cooper. Who knows if it’s doing anything, but it can’t hurt!

The nesting is in full swing around here, but instead of focusing on a nursery this time around (because who are we kidding? Cooper is still in our bed and we plan on switching rooms and having the boys share the master eventually) I’m trying to tackle as many house projects as I can since I know I won’t have the energy to accomplish anything for a whileeee. I currently have a dresser sitting in my living room that needs a little lovin’ and my bathroom is 3/4 painted.

Bring it on month 6!


I forgot to include this short little video with yesterday’s post.

We finally told Hailey I was pregnant and we didn’t expect her to be excited (she didn’t like Cooper until he was 17 months and could walk and was done drooling), so we made sure to have the camera ready.

Afterwards, she continued to drill Corey asking, “but did you want to have two babies?”. When I told her I wanted to have like 3 babies she threw her hands in the air like she was just done with me.

And when it was time to leave, my mom told her to say bye to the baby and she wouldn’t.

“I don’t like it.”

This should be interesting! 😉


babynumber2That’s right — baby BOY number 2 is on the way and growing fast!

It’s beyond true what they say about things happening faster the second time around. I feel like I hardly had any kind of bump with Cooper at this point, and two weeks ago I woke up and BAM! There it was. But I have to admit, I do love it.

We actually found out we were expecting on Christmas day. I’d been really tired for a few weeks and my face was breaking out and Corey kept telling me “it’s because you’re pregnant”. But I brushed it off because I was still taking my pills (although I did miss two, but it wasn’t the first time). But he just kept saying it and I had to make sure he wasn’t right. After a long day of him nagging me about it, I found myself wandering around Walgreens at 9pm.

An employee passed by and asked “Do you need help with anything?”, then realized which aisle we were on and blushed. “I guess not” she said. I lied and said the test was for my sister-in-law’s stocking who was coming down the next day.

“She’s trying to get pregnant, so I thought it would be funny.”
“Well, tell her she doesn’t need the test. When you’re pregnant, you just KNOW.” She said, laughing.
“Oh, I know. I have a two year old at home.”

I went home and sure enough, those two little lines showed up almost immediately. For once, I have to say — my husband was right. And trust me, he made me repeat it multiple times that night.

So while it was a complete surprise, it was the happiest kind. After unexpectedly being in the NICU with Cooper, I don’t know when I would have been really ready to try again. But now we couldn’t be more excited. I love to imagine my two boys playing together and (hopefully) being the best of friends.

The first few months of this pregnancy were rough though. I was beyond nauseous and survived on ramen and bagels alone (just like last time) and could hardly keep my eyes open past 7pm. That last part is still a problem, but I blame it on chasing a rowdy 2 year old around all day.

I made Corey take a few pictures yesterday (actually I made him go back outside with me three times because I hated every single one the first two times. Thanks babe!) to commemorate my newest accessory.

IMG_3921 IMG_3962 IMG_3948