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Months 5 and 6 have been my favorite so far (warning: I will probably say this every month). Cooper is currently full of smiles from sun up to sun down….mostly. I just can’t believe he’s already half a year old! I’m the happiest and saddest ever at the same time. Does that make sense? I constantly find myself drowning in a wave of nostalgia for these days even as they are happening. I know I will be longing for these days when he’s off hanging out with his friends and sometimes when I’m rocking him to sleep I close my eyes and feel the weight of him in my arms and sniff that special little place behind his ear. And then there are other days where nothing I do seems to entertain him longer than a few seconds and through all the frustration the only thing I can do is watch the clock until the magical moment Daddy walks through the door.

Motherhood is a funny thing, isn’t it?

He’s going to the doctor for his 6 month check up (we didn’t have to go last month, which is why I’m a little behind on the updates), and I’m not looking forward to the flu shot I know he’s going to get. We’re going to be in for a day or two of snuggle time, but I’m already prepared for it and will try to enjoy every second of it. According to my scale at home he’s around 13lbs 6oz, so we’ll see how that matches up to the doctor’s scale.


Still no teeth, so there is drool all over everything. But he did discover his feet and its pretty darn cute!

He’s “sleeping through the night” which means I’m not getting up to feed him anymore. Instead, I only get up around 20 times to either soothe him back to sleep, or check the monitor (“Is his chest moving? Yes? Ok, back to bed”). We had our first night of UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP last week. I didn’t have to go in his room one time! When I told Corey the good news in the morning as he was getting ready for work, he just looked at me and said “…but you’ve been checking on him, right?”. I’m supposed to check on him? I guess you learn something new everyday!

We’ve entered the wonderful world of baby food and Cooper seems to be enjoying it! Sure he’s getting a few more baths lately, but spoon feeding your baby? Hands down, the most fun thing ever. Besides a little bit of baby food, he’s still primarily on breast milk with Neosure and I supplement a few oz of formula here and there as needed.


He’s rolling both ways like a pro, and now we’re working on the whole “sitting up” thing, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Besides a few seconds here or there, he pretty much topples over the second we let go. It probably has something to do with how skinny this poor kid is (he’s still wearing 3 month clothes and all his 3 month pants are still way too big in the waist). He’s just got no meat to hold him up! That or he can’t eat his feet in this position.


At the end of the day Cooper is a little ball of joy and I love being his mother even though sometimes it’s a really hard, almost impossible job. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.