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We survived our first solo doctor visit, which included 2 shots, and lots of snuggling later in the day. This little chunker now weighs an even 10lbs and 23.25 inches long. That’s almost two feet tall! It sounds so crazy to think of it that way.

We’re finally in a nice consistent groove throughout the day, but it might be due to the fact that we don’t really go many places. Between the feeding, the pumping, the mixing, the sterilizing, and the changing, I don’t see how anyone has the time!


I purposely made our appointment for 2pm so I’d have the entire morning to get us ready.  When the doctor walked in the room, Cooper just finished a bottle and was passed out in my arms. She took one look at us an smiled, “Isn’t that nice? You rush around all day and you come here and you are FORCED to just sit still.” And I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing I enjoy more than having a sleeping baby on my chest, which is probably a good thing because he wakes up just about every time I try and move him. When will I learn?

He recently discovered his hands, and I think the joys of teething may have started already. He is drooling like crazy and is fascinated with his hands. He spends a good portion of his day with his hands in his mouth or trying to get them there.cooper_handsinmouthHe spends the rest of the day smiling. I think it’s safe to say (I’m knocking on wood justttttt in case) we have the happiest baby around. It’s very rare that he has a complete fit or even cries for more than a few seconds. If he’s unhappy it’s usually a wet diaper (does any else’s kid absolutely hate being wet. I mean, I don’t think I’d like it either but he REALLY doesn’t like it), but he’s usually pretty easily soothed.

Basically, we’re pretty fond of him.

I think we’ll keep him.