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We have a teeny tiny house and hardly any storage. My craft supplies used to take residence in the closet in Cooper’s room but I was always shoving just one more thing in there and it quickly turned into an avalanche waiting to happen. It was such a project even finding the supplies for a project in there and I was buying multiples of things I already had because I couldn’t find anything…and, well you get it. It just wasn’t working.

After a late night Pinterest binge session, I saw a few armoires turned into craft storage and had a total lightbulb moment. We don’t have the space for a full sized armoire, but my mission was set. For weeks I scoured Craigslist, multiple thrift stores (daily) and was telling everyone to keep their eyes open for a small cabinet. I wasn’t finding anything and was thissss closet to ordering a kitchen island to use instead when my MIL found this gem at the thrift store down the street for an easy $60:IMG_8617

As soon as I saw it I was so excited and I definitely got a few “this girl is crazy” looks. The lady ringing me up even asked me if I was sure I wanted it…twice. Yes, load ‘er up!

I got it home, gave it a light sanding, and put my husband (AKA spray paint pro) to work. A few (er, 5) cans of Rustoleum flat white spray paint and new hardware later and she’s better than new. I am seriously so in love with this thing and just can’t get over how good it looks now.

Drumroll please……DSC_0077I told you! SO good!

There’s one shelf inside and deep drawer that is the perfect size for all my stuff. AND I CAN ACTUALLY FIND EVERYTHING. Crazy!DSC_0088DSC_0090Total cost: $85 ($60 for the cabinet, $20 for spray paint and $5 for the knobs…give or take a few bucks) and worth every penny if you ask me. It’s solid wood and something we’ll probably have in our house forever.

Who knows, maybe it will end up as a little girls changing table someday 😉 beforeandafter


I usually have at least 10 projects that I either just started, am half way finished with, have supplies for and haven’t started yet, or am thinking about at any given moment. I have so many ideas and things I want to do but nothing gets done when I only get to work in nap length periods at a time and Coop just learned this great new trick where he only naps for 30 minutes at a time and wakes up at 6:30am ready to P A R T Y. So yeah, there’s that.

Anyways, my kitchen table has been littered with an almost complete pinata, a thrifted birdcage destined for the flower bed, a hot glue gun, and fabric scraps, for longer than I’m ready to admit. I don’t have a lot of space around here so the kitchen table usually turns into craft town anytime I need to get something done. And lately nothing’s getting done! I’m a girl all about lists, so when I’m adding more to the to do’s then I’m actually doing I just feel off. I need to cross things off that damn list. It’s good for my soul. So when I found a little tin at the thrift store with birds and flowers and other old lady things that make my heart sing hiding behind too many mismatched coffee mugs, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. It was a project I could start and FINISH in the same day. That almost never happens anymore.

It was easy, it’s cute, it smells good, and most importantly… it’s done! Take that, list!


We planted new seeds in our garden beds one afternoon after a quick trip to Home Depot. We had Cooper with us, obviously, so we didn’t actually read the back of the packages to see when the best time to plant was or how it would grow. Basically, we grabbed a bunch of crap and ran to the register before Coop had the chance to cry. One thing we’ve learned about taking a baby to the store: KEEP IT MOVING!

Our very first (of many) Home Depot trips - December 2013

Our very first (of many) Home Depot trips – December 2013

We came home with a few things that can’t be planted yet (celery?) but used what we could. We ended up with peppers, cucumbers, radish, and green beans.

Garden Garden

Everything was doing OK, probably because I’m not always the best about actually remembering to water the plants but HEY, babies are a lot of work and I’m tired and more coffee please blah blah blah.  Believe it or not, the cucumbers completely took over. I didn’t realize it’s a vining plant (this goes back to the not reading the package thing) and planted my new seeds differently this time.

IMG_5276 IMG_5370 IMG_5390

The plant didn’t seem to mind much because for a few weeks there I was swimming in cucumbers. And what do you do when life hands you too many cucumbers (besides make inappropriate jokes at every opportunity)? You make pickles, of course!

It’s pretty easy and the pickles are so much better than the ones you buy from the store. But, there isn’t enough pickles in the world to satisfy my cravings (I ate at least two jars a week when I was pregnant) so I’m sure I’ll still be buying some.

If you’re interested, here’s what I did:


Slice your cucumbers (this was enough for 2 pints jars).

Next, you’ll want to get your brine started (1 tbs canning salt, 2 cups water, 1 cup vinegar). All you need to do is bring it to a rolling boil.


Put a whole clove of garlic, dill, and red pepper flakes in each jar.


Add the sliced cucumbers and pour the boiling brine right on top. Seal immediately and let the jars cool on the counter before putting them in the refrigerator.

We waited 4 days to start eating our pickles and they were gone a few days later. If you’re not as pickle crazy as we are, they should stay good for about a month.



DSC_0433This is a quick little present we put together for Corey’s parents birthday’s (which just so happen to be in the same week), but would make a great Mother’s Day present too. We were short on money, and time, so after a little brainstorming and pinteresting, this is what I came up with.

We already had the pot, the paint, and the baby feet, so all we had to buy was the plant ($5 at Publix). The first thing I did was paint the pot white. Then, we decided on a few colors and started painting the baby’s feet (AFTER we made sure the paint was water based and non-toxic). When it was dry I went back in and drew in the body and wings, and filled it in with a sharpie. IMG_5019 I painted the words “Grandma & Poppy” around the top edge, but you could write whatever you want or put nothing at all. It’s totally up to you. For my letters, I used stickers as my template. I just stuck them on, traced around the letters in pencil, peeled off the stickers, and I was left with a perfect guide to paint. IMG_5021 A few more painted feet later, and we had a finished product! DSC_0426 DSC_0427DSC_0428




Betsy Crocker: Vintage Teacup Candles

I can’t believe Christmas is on Tuesday! Where did the month go? It’s crazy how fast time is flying by and I’m desperately trying to slow it down just.a.little.bit….. even if it means taking advantage of some prime snuggle time on the couch when I really should be working on other things. Those things can always wait. Snuggling is serious business! Especially when Home Alone is on TV and the only light on in the house is coming from the Christmas tree. It doesn’t get any better than that.

But those things that are waiting, they tend to pile up. This is a quick one though so you can get right back to your spot on the couch.

Soy wax flakes (I got 8 candles from 4lbs of wax)
Waxed wicks with metal bottom
Scent (optional)
Various teacups and saucers
Wooden skewers
E6000 glue

I picked up most of my teacups and saucers from the thrift store from about $1 each and got a few from my mom. It worked out great because I got most of the cups I needed and she got a box out of her shed. Win-win all around. I just wonder how she’s going to feel about getting one back!

Betsy Crocker: Vintage Teacup Candles

I melted the wax in a glass measuring cup (you’ll want something with a spout) in the microwave at 30 second increments, stirring in between. They sell a special melting pot at the craft store but for saving $16 this worked just fine and I was able to get all the left over wax out.

Betsy Crocker: Vintage Teacup Candles

Add the fragrance to the fully melted wax, stir, and pour in cups. I used vanilla and kind of guessed at how much to use because I couldn’t find anything definitive online except that soy wax needs more than regular. I ended up using a 2oz bottle of fragrance for 4lbs of wax.

Betsy Crocker: Vintage Teacup Candles

Sandwich the wick between two wooden skewers and secure with a rubberband around each end and insert after the wax has set for 5-10 minutes. I tried putting the wicks in the cups before I poured the wax, like I’ve seen on a few other tutorials, but it just wouldn’t stay put at the bottom.

Let the wax dry until it is hard to the touch. Cut off the rubberbands and trim the wicks. To finish it off I glued the candle to a coordinating saucer with good old E6000 glue.


Betsy Crocker: Vintage Teacup Candles

Now get back on the couch, the good part of the movie is about to come on.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.