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OUR BEDTIME ROUTINE — (or lack there of)


I like to think I’m a pretty laid back parent and don’t get too worked up over our schedules, although I’ll admit it didn’t always used to be this way. It just seemed like once I stopped worrying so much about what time he napped or went to bed, we were all a lot happier.

It’s very rare that I look forward to putting him to bed and getting my “free” time because he’s usually in a good mood and generally fun to be around. There are THOSE DAYS though where I’m just done come 7pm but again, it’s rare. That could all change though once we have another crazy little boy running around!

One thing I never leave out is brushing his teeth before bed. I’ve even woken him up just to brush his teeth. I had such bad teeth as a child that anything I can do to prevent hours in a dentist chair, I’ll do. Heredity is not on my side though.

But let me be clear when I say — it’s TORTURE! Pure torture and I dread doing it every single night. And I’ve tried every trick in the book (er, on the internet) to change that. Nothing works.

I give him “his turn” first, which means playing with the toothbrush and sucking off all the fruity toothpaste, but when it comes to “mommy’s turn” he screams at the top of his lungs and I literally have to hold him down on my lap for the grueling 30 seconds it takes to brush his teeth. I feel terrible about it, but I’d feel even worse if he had to get a filling. It takes all my strength to do an even half way decent job because he’s flailing so much.

And when it comes to flossing – HA! I straight up told the dentist the truth. I never do it.

Until these came along…
IMG_4349Cooper LOVES the adorable flosser holder (he calls it a monster) and lights up every time he sees it.
IMG_4391He likes to make the mouth talk and it only takes him a good 10 minutes to pick which color he wants to use.

Besides being brightly colored, the flossers taste like fruit smoothie so there’s no harsh mint flavor to deal with. I also like that there’s a little fluoride since his toothpaste doesn’t have any and neither does the water we drink.

The first time I used the flossers, I honestly didn’t have high hopes because of how torturous brushing his teeth is every night. I literally get kicked and punched every night (he’s also cutting two molars so I’m hoping it gets a little better) but look!


It’s a miracle!

I almost can’t wait to take him to the dentist next week to say I finally floss his teeth every night. Almost.

Now, if anyone has any ideas for how to make brushing more fun… I’m all ears!

*This post is sponsored by Plackers Flossers, but they really are the best thing that’s ever happened to our bedtime routine and we are so happy about it. Seriously, get some!


IMG_1654Florida in the fall is just delightful. I would be one happy woman if the weather was in the low 80’s and breezy all year long, but we only get a few short months before it’s back to perpetual summer. This morning was a particularly good one and so we packed a few essentials (i.e., snacks and Tow Mater) and walked to the park for a picnic.

We had the entire place to ourselves (just the way I like it) and were promptly greeted by Lenny (the lizard) who lives under the belly of that green plastic alligator. We’ve been going to the park pretty frequently in the mornings and this little guy is always in the same spot.IMG_1653We tried to feed him a cheese puff the other day. He was not amused.  IMG_1659I’m constantly trying to find new (healthy) things for Cooper to eat because he sure is finicky. One week he loves something and the next week he hates it. But he loves old fashioned donuts all the time. Lately we’ve been doing lots of whole wheat muffins, broccoli mac and cheese and cheese quesadillas with a side of black beans (he’s recently discovered the joy of dipping in the sour cream).

A new favorite has been these Organic Slammers. The people at Slammers Snacks were kind enough to send us two flavors to try (pomegranate grape crush and yumberry/banana/blueberry) and they’re both so good! IMG_1657I came home from the store with Cooper the other day and Corey was washing a bowl in the kitchen with this guilty look on his face. When I questioned it he said he had a confession to make: he ate one of those “baby food” packets in the refrigerator. I laughed because I ate one the day before. We’ve since been mixing them with our greek yogurt and topping with granola. Yumm.

With 7g of protein (in the Pomegranate Grape Crush one, the other has 1g), a whole serving of fruits and vegetables (one has purple carrot and the other has butternut squash), no added sugar, and are completely organic – it’s not baby food. It’s just food. And that’s something I can get behind.

Especially when it gives this boy all the energy he needs to power through a 2 hour trip to the park.IMG_1668That face! My goodness. IMG_1686And what good is an early morning trip to the park if not for getting the perfect lighting on your selfie?

IMG_1697His hair is so crazy right now, but I’ve been trying to hold off on a haircut until closer to his birthday and our trip to Disney next week (any tips for first timers?)
IMG_1704We will definitely be packing a few of these for the trip!

|Product received c/o Slammers Snacks, but all opinions are my own 🙂


Cooper has always liked taking a bath, splashing a little here and there and generally just relaxing in the warm water after a long day of crawling around and sneaking onto the dog bed, but the past few days he’s like a wild man as soon as his tush hits the water:

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