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Going to the movies is something Corey and I used to do almost every weekend before we had kids, so I have been waiting for the day I could take Cooper. Really, I just wanted an excuse to see all the new kid movies, but I digress…

Taking your kid to the movies is a nerve wracking experience though because you don’t know how it’s gonna go down. He could either sit still and get into the movies or act like a complete maniac running up and down the stairs trying to eat popcorn off the floor. Or both.

We’d been planning to take him to see Secret Life of Pets for a few weeks, but something else always got in the way. I was adamant about us doing something special together before baby brother arrived though. Cooper probably won’t remember this when he gets older, but I sure will.

So on a rainy Sunday afternoon we loaded up my purse with snacks and headed to the movies.


And he did so good! Besides getting a little antsy during the incredibly long previews and the last 10 minutes of the movie, he just sat and ate his weight in popcorn. At one point another kid behind us started crying and Coop looked at me and said, “Why dat kid cwyin, mommy? He no wike da movie?”

It’s a good thing we went to the movies when we did though since my water ended up breaking in the middle of the night and I had Cameron the next morning. It’s crazy how things work out! Hopefully the next time is a little less eventful. We’re going to see SING soon, so fingers crossed it goes as well as the first time (ya know, without the whole delivering a baby part at the end)!

The Little Things


SO, I finally got around to backing up my phone and realized just how behind I am on the pictures. Shame on me.

Life is definitely in a go-go-go phase right now and I can’t help but feel like there is something really good right around the corner. Maybe it’s the impending New Year and maybe it’s the pint of mint chocolate chip gelato waiting for me in the freezer. Either way, I’ll take it.

The other day while waiting in line at Publix, I was making small talk with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and they asked what I’ve been doing for work. Usually I just shrug and say “oh, just some writing from home.” For some reason I’ve been resistant to call myself an actual freelance writer but I’m getting regular assignments and a regular paycheck so I’m a freelance writer, dammit. And it felt really good to say it. Now if only I could get that novel out of me, then we’d really be in business.

But in the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

IMG_1492His new favorite hiding spot is in the Tupperware cabinet

IMG_1572 IMG_1576We were taking pictures with the front facing camera and he had to show off his cool shirt
IMG_0299Making Daddy proud

IMG_1606IMG_1750IMG_1757I was sad to see this pumpkin go. Cooper would say hi to it and give it kisses every single day. And then mom wen’t ahead and threw it in the trash.

IMG_2320 IMG_2338 IMG_2333We went to watch Corey play at the Caribbean Jerk Festival at Markham Park and got to hang out backstage and stuff our faces with delicious food. And then Cooper decided to run laps around a huge (and most likely seriously expensive) sound monitor and give me a heart attack. Luckily we made it out of there without owing them our next born child.
Cousins <3

IMG_2624IMG_2658Pure joy on Thanksgiving

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IMG_2679IMG_2696I’m right there with ya, kid.


One of my favorite things is trying a new product. If there’s something I’m interested in trying I’ll look up reviews online, maybe check which of my normal stores carry it, go look at it on the shelf, but it’s really hard (too hard) for me to just jump in and try something entirely new. For one, I’m way too indecisive about even the smallest things. And two, what if I don’t like it? My cabinet is already full of too many half-used products that I feel guilty throwing away. I mean what if one day I really need that totally crappy conditioner that makes my hair feel greasy for two weeks after using it?

So naturally, getting to try products, totally risk-free is almost the greatest thing ever because #momlife.IMG_0904

As soon as I opened the box, Corey swiped the mouthwash. I don’t really use the stuff because I’m constantly biting the inside of my cheek and the mouthwash always burns, but the mr is addicted. He gives it two thumbs up.

The Olay active botanical face wash (formulated with snow mushrooms…fancy!) is great and does a good job taking off all my makeup and leaving my face feeling clean at the same time. With some of my other face washes, if i don’t use a makeup remover wipe first I can literally feel the foundation still sitting on my skin. Not to mention the black rings around my eyes from the extra mascara. But this one cuts right through my long-wear makeup like butta. I can definitely see myself picking up another bottle when this runs out.

Another thing I loved was the Jergens wet skin moisturizer. Unless it’s my sunless tanning lotion, I am the worst about putting on any lotion after the shower. I’m typically rushing to get out of the bathroom and jump back into mom-mode, so lotion gets pushed to the side. And lately I’ve been paying for it. My legs were so dry that every time I shaved, I would immediately be covered in red razor burn. It didn’t look or feel good. Putting this lotion on in the shower has made getting ready easier and faster and for the first time in months, it didn’t hurt to shave this morning! I’d say that’s a win.

The shampoo was great too. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t one thing in this box that I didn’t like or don’t plan on purchasing again. I never heard of this brand before but I was initially skeptical because any organic shampoo I’ve tried in the past just weighed down my fine hair, but this one works as good as my normal daily clarifying shampoo without the long scary list of ingredients. I’m interested to try other products from this line and now have an excuse to go to Target.

But seriously, if you haven’t signed up for Influenster yet, get with it already! This is my second box of all full-sized products (I also have a box full of peanut butter Tasty kakes in the cabinet waiting to be “reviewed”) and who can complain about that? Pshhh. Not this girl.

All products provided courtesy of Influenster for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 


Just a few lot of pictures from the last few weeks…

IMG_0977 IMG_0987“Hey! I remember you!”
IMG_1070 IMG_1084 IMG_1099A perk to being out the door by 10am? Getting the whole water park to ourselves! 
IMG_1101 IMG_1108Halloween jammies! IMG_1155 IMG_1158When your boy requests a hat, he gets a hat!IMG_1177  A year may have passed, but not much has changed. IMG_1181


IMG_1196Monkey see, monkey do IMG_1203

IMG_1210Let’s hope this isn’t some kind of sign.IMG_1221 THE LIFEIMG_1226 Unappreciated lunch-time fun IMG_1228 “So, uh, when’s this story time thing going to start?”IMG_1268IMG_1239 IMG_1236IMG_12792 hour nap = best day ever