Hi there! I’m Ashley and welcome to my little corner or the internet.

I originally intended for this space to be about the recipes people were always asking me for and the latest project I was obsessing over but I quickly realized there are so many people out there doing it better and it just wasn’t any fun. So I ditched that idea (and the old name!) to start cataloguing the little things that make my life beautiful and worth living that I hope I’ll never forget. Like my husband, our new baby, and the little house we share.

I met my husband almost six years ago through a mutual friend after lurking each others MySpace profiles. I love telling people we met online, which is kind of, sort of, true! (I messaged him first!)

Since then we bought our first house:


 got married:

Betsy Crocker: Wedding Reception

and welcomed our first baby into the world:


Come along for the ride!

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