Easter weekend was so much fun. We started the festivities at my mom’s for Coopers first real ‘I know what I’m doing’ egg hunt, and it didn’t take him long to fill his basket. As one point it was so full that he has just dragging it through the grass but refused to let any of us hold it for him an kept saying “No, Coopy do it!”

I just love being able to experience these holidays with family, and of course with Cooper. Seeing him get excited about something as simple as an egg hunt is the best feeling. He kept grabbing an egg and would look up to show me with the biggest smile on his face, almost as big as when he realized there were jelly beans in all of them 😉IMG_3858IMG_3866
Then we dyed Easter eggs. Well, I actually only dyed ONE egg but it was a good oneIMG_3902
Later that night the Easter Bunny stopped by our house, but he forgot the 6 AA batteries for the bubble maker. Cooper has actually been asking for a bubble maker for a few weeks now and I have no idea where he saw or heard about one. But when my kid asks for something, I deliver. IMG_3969There’s nothing like Easter morning in your Christmas jammies! He’s been waving that pinwheel around saying “bippy, boppy, boo!” and it’s the cutest thing ever. IMG_3974
Then it was off to Aunt Danielle’s house

This kid really lucked out because a few years ago there was at least 10 kids participating in the annual egg hunt but they’re all too-cool teenagers now, so he had the entire thing to himself. It took for-ever though since there was 70+ eggs and he wanted to open every one as soon as he found it. Luckily, these were all filled with tiny dinosaurs, trains and matchbox cars, so each one was more exciting than the last.
IMG_4032IMG_4016IMG_1897IMG_4014This Easter is going to be hard to beat, but I keep thinking about what next year will look like when we’ll have TWO SONS! CRAZY!

Easter 2015 // Easter 2014

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