Cooper has been OBSESSED with dinosaurs lately, so when I heard about the dino exhibit from my friend’s Instagram at the West Palm Science Museum and Aquarium (and that we’d get in free with our Bank of America cards) I knew we needed to take him.

But, I made this mistake of showing him pictures and telling him about in a few days in advance and every day afterwards he would ask me, “go see dinos now?” and was completely pissed when I told him we weren’t going today. Lesson learned!

When the day finally came and I told him today was the day, he ran around the house and screamed “DINO DAY” at the top of his little lungs for a good 15 minutes. My heart nearly exploded seeing how excited he was.

My mom and Hailey came with us, which only added to the excitement. It was an overall successful day, except that we did manage to loose Cooper for about 5 seconds and I think I may have suffered a mild heart attack. Corey thought he was standing next to me and vice versa, so when I asked “where’s Cooper?” a look of sheer terror washed over our faces. We all split up and luckily he didn’t get too far, but it was the scariest few seconds of my life. I always looked down on those people who put the backpack leashes on their kids but I GET IT NOW! I am now sporting at least 2 fresh worry lines on my face.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get too many good pictures, so I compiled a little video which Cooper has made me watch at least 3 times daily since our trip. It really was such a cool exhibit and I’m glad we were able to make his toddler dreams come true.



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