A few days after coming back from Disney, we had a little party to celebrate our boy with a few family members and it was perfect. I stayed up late the night before putting up decorations in the living room (the forecast said rain, just like last year) and Cooper was so excited when he saw them. He ran around yelling “Mick Mouse Cluhouse!” all morning. It made only getting 5 hours of sleep totally worth it.

We kept things small and laid-back this year and feasted on pizza, popcorn and ice cream cake. No one ever complains about pizza and cake.

Cooper had the biggest smile on his face when we all started to sing happy birthday to him, but he freaked the f out when we tried to get him to blow out the candle. He also wanted nothing to do with the actual cake, just the toy on top. He is his father’s child. (Corey doesn’t like cake, but he had some this year. I’m slowly breaking him down. It only took 7 years.)

And now for the pictures…DSC_0140DSC_0143DSC_0147DSC_0162DSC_0151DSC_0179DSC_0170DSC_0172DSC_0181DSC_0191DSC_0200DSC_0208I know everyone says it, but two years went by so fast. It’s like you have no concept of how fast time moves until you have a baby. And even though my heart (and my ovaries) ache a little every time I see one of his baby pictures, I wouldn’t go back even if I could.

This age is the one I think I’ll always long for when he’s all grown up. When he runs over and grabs my finger and leads me down the hall to his room and tells me to “Mimi, sit” — I could just burst. Or when I ask for a kiss and he grabs my cheeks to pull me in close and throws his arms around my neck. Or when we’re outside and he walks over holding a fist full of dirt and throws it in my lap as he mischievously giggles and runs away, looking back to make sure I’m chasing after him. Man, that’s good. It’s hard to imagine anything topping it, but I have been wrong before.

Two is going to be good. I can just tell.

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