Since we’re home so much these days, it seems only natural that I’d switch things around in here. Corners of our house that never bothered me before were suddenly driving me crazy. I started with a good cleaning and went through every drawer, every scary cabinet and even dusted the top of my cabinets. It was pretty bad. I don’t even remember the last time I did it, and I instantly felt better when I was done. But it wasn’t enough!

I started with a new (round) dining room table and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I planned on painting the old bench too but since the table took three cans of chalk paint, I think I’ll just deal with the brown for now. White Round Table Chalk PaintIMG_9730

Then I tackled the dark, narrow (and impossible to take pictures of) hallway. Some of these frames have been sitting in our room for over two years now! Procrastination is my middle name.
Gallery Wall Narrow HallwayGallery Wall Narrow Hallway IMG_9783 IMG_9782Then I was on to pillow covers. It only took me THREE trips to Joann’s to get the right amount of fabric. And now you know why I was an English major.
IMG_9743 DIY Envelope Pillow CoversThe white fabric was so thin the design on the pillow was showing through but I was NOT going back to the store. After a little tinkering I ending up cutting an old white sheet and sewed it to the fabric. BOOYAH!

And just for fun, I scored the most amazing deal on new patio furniture from Craiglist and made Corey drive to pick it up at 7am on a Saturday. There’s no way I could pass up a deal like that and they even had it waiting out by the road for us. I’m nothing if not a caring, thoughtful wife. 😉

Patio Furniture DIY Twine Triple Hanging Planter

I’m so glad we get to call this place our home!

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