I wasn’t sure how Halloween would go this year since this is the reaction I got when I originally tried Coop’s costume on:
IMG_1177Which was almost exactly the same as last year:

I had the costume hanging up in his room for almost a month and everyday he would grab my finger and take me to see it.

“Yeah! It’s so cool. Don’t you want to wear it?”
“No!” and off he’d run down the hall. I didn’t push him on it and figured I could just bribe him with a piece of candy, if necessary. (it was)

Instead, I got to work on mine and Corey’s costumes. I would have preferred to just order costumes and get it over with, but the only Woody and Jessie costumes out there are one-piece jumpsuits. So DIY it is!

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I was surprised how good the shirt turned out (I was doubtful about halfway through) but it was pretty easy and only cost about $30 for both of our costumes. I even ended up making a yarn wig for myself. I followed this tutorial and thought the idea of attaching the yarn to a headband was genius. It stayed on all night (meaning a whole 2 hours) without any problems.

I traced the cow print fabric against a pair of jeans and loosely hand sewed it with white thread. I cut out the stitches when we got home and you’d never know the difference. And all I did for Corey’s was dye the shirt yellow and I bought the accessories from the party store. That’s about as easy as it gets!

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I was stressed out about getting Cooper dressed and it went pretty much how I imagine it would. I had to hold him down and wrestle him the entire time. Corey was pacing in the living room ready to rip off his own costume and call it a night. “Just give him a minute!” I pleaded in my red wig on the living room floor.

We were all finally dressed and were out the door but he was still pissed and we had to wait for the rest of our group. I frantically called my mom and told them to hurry up because as soon as Cooper sees Hailey all is right in the world.

He finally gave in to the lollipop I tried to bribe him with and we managed a little smile.


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And finally the other kids showed up in their costumes and Cooper realized this whole Halloween thing isn’t half bad. He even willingly took candy from a stranger’s bowl and I’m still not sure how I feel about that haha


IMG_1891 IMG_1899

And what would Halloween be without photoshopped backgrounds? (Thanks, Doug!)



Halloween 2015, you were lovely. Now, where’s my Christmas tree?

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