On Monday we took our very first trip to the new Trader Joes by our house. I’ve seen people posting and talking about the all mighty TJ’s for a long time but only now have I been able to experience the awesomeness of it all. I had no idea it was Columbus Day (Sorry, Columbo. You’re lucky I even remembered it was Monday.) so the place was jam packed. I actually thought I was being all smart by waiting until Monday afternoon so we could stroll around and take out time. Ha! We were all squeezed in there trying to look at all the cool, organic products with fancy labels we’ve only seem on other people’s instagram accounts while trying not to step on each others toes. By the time I checked out I weaved our cart down each aisle a few times (it’s not very big) and still didn’t see half the things on the shelves. I was just throwing things in the cart. “ooh, you look good…and you too…oh, but what about this?”


But somehow a good amount of stuff somehow didn’t make it home with me. I think it had something to do with the way their checkout lines work. Instead of putting your items on a conveyor belt like at Publix, you put your cart on the cashier’s side of the counter and they load, ring up, and bag everything while you stand on the other side. Well, I had Cooper in the cart and wasn’t too keen on the idea so I just handed him everything instead. But somewhere between my cart and the scanner a pineapple, two avocados, a bag of popcorn, and a sparkling water disappeared. I’m just as confused as you are. I wasn’t charged for any of it and I did make it home with the cookie butter so all in all, not so bad.

Here is what did make it home:IMG_7384

(who does this kind of stuff?)

So far, wins all around and prize for the person who guesses the total!

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