I am currently laying in bed with a heating pad on my back because I am suddenly a little old lady. I have no idea what I did, but I did it good. Which is really, really bad. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is better because being injured and having a legit excuse to be a couch potato is just not as much fun when you have an 11 month old who won’t sit still longer than half an episode of Little Einsteins.

We went to the Flamingo Road Nursery pumpkin patch last week since there was going to be a “cold front” – meaning 85 degrees and breezy. In October. Crazy, I know. But apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was packed. I should have expected it, but we still got the best parking spot in the whole place. We pulled in just as someone right up front was leaving. There’s few things that Corey loves more than a prime parking spot, so I knew this trip was starting off on the right foot.

We met my parents there, I had a massive grilled ear of corn slathered in garlic butter, we waited in a ridiculously long line to take Cooper on his first hayride (he was more interested in the free apple cider – but I don’t blame him), and we all went home and took a nap. A great day indeed. We just can’t wait to go back when it’s not pumpkin season so we can actually look around because this place was just beautiful. It’s right down the street and we’ve never been there. I love when that happens.

Now, on to the good stuff…

DSC_0128DSC_0132Herbie the love bug!
DSC_0134I reallyyyyy wanted to put Cooper in the little staged photo area on a bale of hay but the line was SO long and Corey was like “here, just grab a pumpkin”. Cooper was not amused.
DSC_0135DSC_0137Hailey now requests either an Elsa or Anna braid everyday. Today she was Anna. DSC_0141IMG_7299Hayride lines are for checking your fantasy football score. #dadlifeDSC_0147IMG_7304DSC_0153DSC_0149

We didn’t buy a pumpkin, but I plan on picking up one when we go to THE NEW TRADER JOES THAT IS OPENING THIS WEEKEND (I’m a little excited. Can you tell?) and I can’t wait to see how Cooper reacts to the gooey insides. $10 says he tries to eat it.

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