When I found out Corey would be off one day during the week, I immediately ran out and bought a little blue plastic pool. We’ve been meaning to buy one since we’re outside so much and this seemed like the perfect time.

We filled the pool up in the morning and left it in a sunny spot so by the time Cooper woke up from his nap it was nice and warm. He seems to like bath time, judging by the massive amount of water that gets on the counter, the floor, and well…me!, so I figured he would like the pool too.

And I was right. He splashed and kicked like crazy, for all of about 20 minutes!  DSC_0496

I’m looking forward to spending many afternoons playing in the baby pool this summer. We’re working on the whole sitting up thing, but seeing as my kids a bean pole without any real meat to hold himself up, I’ll just have to sacrifice and cool off in there with him.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


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