My baby boy turned one last week and while I’m still coming to terms with it all, I had to suck it up (Corey asked me if I was going to cry every year on his birthday. And yes, I will.) because there was a party to be had. The weather didn’t cooperate as I hoped, so the dessert table was deconstructed and spread out on the counter, all our crap was stashed in the bedroom, banners were hung inside instead of in the trees and it was still wonderful. Sisters came in from out of town, cousins were running around together, I got to see an old friend and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Cooper was a teething, crying, snot nosed mess but we did our best to keep him entertained because there was no stopping this party train. A big thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. We love you all!

And now for the picture overload:

DIY Happy Birthday BannerDSC_0319DSC_0354DSC_0351DSC_0297DSC_0300DSC_0315DSC_0325DSC_0423DSC_0420DSC_0378DSC_0370DSC_0431DSC_0468DSC_0461DSC_0442DSC_0461DSC_0441

Here’s to a great year in the books and another great one ahead.

*cupcakes by the very talented Jenuine Events. If you’re local and you need a cake, check her out. Seriously. The simple cupcakes I asked for are nothing compared to what she can do. Thanks again, Jen!

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