Cooper's First Easter

Easter Sunday was just what we needed. We’re not the religious type but any holiday where you get to hang out and eat candy all day is all right with me. And with hardly any days off together (and when I say hardly, I mean none), it was great to be able to spend the day outside with our families. The weather was perfect, there was a never ending supply of eager hands ready to hold the baby, I only had to lock myself in the room once to pump, and I even had a DRINK! Technically it was a white wine spritzer, but it counts! And it was delicious!

We started the day at home, with Cooper’s first Easter basket. I actually struggled with the idea of making him one, because I knew he wouldn’t A. remember or B. care, but I was excited, so what the hell. When I was talking to my mom about it she reminded me of all the fun things we used to do when I was little (like how we used to leave out a few carrots for the bunny and she would track a little grass through the house in the morning, blaming it on said bunny) and I can’t wait to do some of those same things. For now, we’ll just stick to the basics.


I just made sure to choose a bucket we could still use (what do people actually DO with all those wicker baskets once the candy is gone?) and things we were going to buy regardless. One of his little gifts was a sippy cup. Did you hear me? I said a SIPPY CUP!  How is it even possible that I have a child old enough to drink out of a sippy cup? It blows my mind on a daily basis. He doesn’t really seem interested at this point, so my heart is still in one piece…for now.

I was looking through my pictures the other day and stumbled across ours from last Easter, taken in almost the same spot as the one from this year. I was actually a few weeks pregnant in the picture (8 weeks maybe?), and only our families knew. It was our little secret, and at the time, seemed like the happiest moment in our lives. Now, that happy moment changes on a daily basis, and that, makes me even happier.

Easter 2013Easter 2014

It’s crazy how much changed in just one year, but I like where we’re headed!


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