It was hot and humid outside and Corey was cleaning out the shed while I sat on a towel under the shade of our mango tree, probably eating something and rubby my big, round belly. I would stop him every now and then to ask “what’s that?” and “let me see”. Right before he was about to send me in the house, he pulled out a dusty rubbermaid container filled with books from when I was little. I’ve always been a reader. My mother gave them back to me when I moved out but I never looked through them. I just stored them away for “later”.  I opened the lid and the very first book on top was an old, stained, copy of Dumbo. I flipped through the pages and stopped at this one:

Vintage Dumbo Pages
and instantly, I knew what exactly what I wanted to do for our sweet baby boy’s room. There are two other clippings from the book on his wall (middle and bottom right), the other two I found online. But I’ll keep this short since I went kinda, sorta, picture crazy.

Changing Table

I covered his light switch in left over washi tape from my baby shower invitations. It adds a fun pop of color to the wall and took less than 15 minutes to do. Quick and easy, just how I like it.

Cubby Hole Toy Storage
Favorite Books

Besides the ribbon and felt bunting that runs along the ceiling of the back wall, this stepping stool is one of my favorite parts of his room. I bought the wood stool and animals from Joanns, (Corey) spray painted it white, and I did the polka dots and bunting by hand. For his name I traced around stickers, peeled them up and filled it in.

Prints Hung With Washi TapeArmoireArmoire DetailPaper Lanterns and Red Wagon
See that monkey hiding in the back there? Corey bought won that for me at the fair when we were dating and now it’s one of Cooper’s favorites.

Crib Corner

This cat stuffed animal is never far from Cooper’s side and we’ve appropriately dubbed him Mr. Kitty (creative, I know). They nap together every afternoon and sleep together every night. I’d say it’s pretty serious.

Mommy's Little Helper
All in all, I am really happy with the way his room turned out but there are still things I want to do (like make a dream catcher for the wall above his crib, a shadow box with his hospital things, hang book shelves) but it will all get done…eventually.And then Cooper will want a dinosaur room, or pirates, and I’ll happily start all over.

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