Betsy Crocker: Pink Pants and Peplum


Betsy Crocker: Pink Pants and Peplum

Spring is here! So naturally, I put together the brightest outfit in my closet to celebrate.

I didn’t have time to scout out a cute little park or exposed brick apartments to pose in front of, so the middle of my street would have to do. Between dodging cars (I had Waynes World in my head the whole time – “Game on!” “Car!”) and battling the wind, we were able to get a few good pictures before heading out to dinner with some friends.

I always read other bloggers say how awkward it is to have your picture taken for these kinds of posts and I always thought “whatever, it’s just a picture”. But now that I’ve done it? Yeah, prettyyyyy awkward. The neighbors sitting outside directly across the street didn’t help, either.

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