Felt Monster Bag

Sometimes I get in a bit of funk if I haven’t done anything in a while (like NOW! Where did all my energy go? Oh right, it’s busy making a baby in mah bellay – still so crazy!) so a few weeks ago I whipped up this felt “monster” bag for Hailey. Don’t get too impressed, I didn’t make the actual tote bag (I bought that from Michaels) just the face on it. It was a quick little project with only straight lines to sew for the mouth and the rest was glued on.

Felt Monster bag

But the project just sort of sat around for a while because Hailey was in the slammer after coloring on the couch, the floor, and a three foot wide section of the wall. But, she did her time and was released on good behavior. When I asked if she wanted to color while I took her picture she said “awight” and hopped up on her toy chest.  The coloring didn’t last long though, because she was more occupied taking the crayons out and putting them back in the slits. Kids these days.

Felt Monster Bag

Felt Monster bag“cheeeeesssseeeeee”

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