26 weeks pregnant

These days my skin is itching like crazy and I practically bathe in cocoa butter twice a day (sometimes more!). I look like I’m smuggling a melon under my shirt (and two more in my bra!). My hips ache from all the pressure when I lay on one side for too long, and you can actually see my entire belly move when he’s kicking up a storm.  I guess you can say I’m really feeling pregnant now!

Random strangers are always asking me how far along I am, and the baby’s name and I really enjoy the extra attention. I think I almost gave the Dunkin Donuts guy a heart attack the other morning though. I was in the drive through before work ordering my favorite (decaf) iced caramel latte, and when I pulled up to the window he asked “boy or girl?”. It was early and I was still out of it (I miss caffeine!!) and I just looked at him with what I’m sure was a crazy face. He instantly looked worried as he quietly explained “you…you’re pregnant right?” Why yes, yes I am! We had a good laugh over it and he was obviously relieved that he did not just ask a non-pregnant woman if she was with child!

On a more serious note – during my recent visit with the prenatal specialist (I go every month to check my cervix since I had precancerous cells removed twice in the past) I knew it would’ve been my last appointment if everything looked good, but we weren’t so lucky. We learned that my cervix shortened (something I’ve been afraid of since the beginning) and was put on a more strict, but not full, bed rest and a daily dose of progesterone to hopefully keep our little guy inside as long as possible. Hearing you’re at risk for pre-term labor is not something anyone wants to hear, but we’re trying to make the best of a tough situation and follow doctor’s orders. Truthfully, I am really just trying not to think about it.

Corey has been such an amazing help by taking on all the cooking, cleaning, and basically becoming my servant 24/7. I am a textbook control freak and all I want to do is clean! and organize! Maybe this is the nesting phase I hear so much about? But I know I’ll have plenty of time for all that when our little man arrives and sometimes I have to literally banish myself to the bedroom (from the couch) just so I don’t have to look at the accumulating piles (which are hardly anything really) and specs of dust that stress me out so much. I really couldn’t ask for a more supportive partner through all this though. He constantly asks me if I need anything, how I’m feeling, how much water I’ve drank today, and never lets me forget a vitamin or my medication.

Our next appointment with the specialist is in 2 weeks and on my birthday (I also have to take my glucose test that same morning! Blah!). All I want for my birthday this year is a good visit with the doctor and a healthy baby.

26 weeks pregnant

 And here’s a picture from our last ultrasound (24 weeks). This one of the only ones where he doesn’t have his hands in front of his face. I hope he’s a little less camera shy when we do our 3D ultrasound in a few weeks!

24 week ultrasound

2 thoughts on “26 WEEK UPDATE

  1. Eileen Whatley

    Please don’t worry, but take heed. I know how difficult it is to be bedridden during this time. It will drive you insane, but it is worth it!

    I actually suffered bouts of premature labor and was hospitalized numerous times during my pregnancy on and off for months. The baby actually ended up late and was delivered at home by his father.

    Thank God we have a strong, healthy son today!

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