18 weeks pregnant

I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy! It seems like just yesterday I was breaking open those home pregnancy test boxes and waiting for the results (funny story: it was actually April Fools Day when I woke up with the strange urge to take the test, so when I got a positive result at 7am I stopped at Walgreens on my lunch break to buy a 3 pack to make sure I wasn’t playing some cruel joke on myself. Two more tests later, and it was confirmed. I actually saved the last test just in case Corey didn’t believe me when I told him!)

My clothes are fitting tighter (or not fitting at all) and I bought my first round of maternity pants and shorts. That stretchy waist band is a life saver! I am really looking forward to a big(er) round(er) belly and feeling all the little kicks and punches. I’ve been feeling him move for about a week now, but it doesn’t feel like kicks at all. It’s more like tiny carbonation bubbles popping inside my stomach. Either way, I love every second of it.

I’ve been going kind of stir crazy lately since I’ve basically been put on bed rest for probably the entire pregnancy. While the bed rest is not “official” the doctors did tell me that I need to stay off my feet as much as possible, no lifting more than 10 pounds, and to increase my fluids because I’ve been spotting since week 13 (which is apparently very common, but still scary!).

1 scary emergency room visit and 2 frantic doctors office visits (one of which was just this Wednesday) later I learned my lesson and am basically chained to the couch or the bed as soon as I get home from my day job. Any time my feet touch the floor Corey gets this crazed look in his eyes and says “what do you think you’re doing?!” I know I should enjoy the pampering and the lounging in front of the tv while it lasts (my mom told me I’d be like chopped liver once the baby comes!), but I am not the lay around kind of person. I like to be moving, and working on projects, and cleaning. But, doctors orders!

The only perk to all these doctor visits is seeing our SON (still so crazy!) move around on the ultrasound machine and coming home with new pictures. It never gets old.

18 weeks ultrasound

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