(Directly after the closing at 10pm on a Friday. Don’t mind the crazy bangs, it was a long day!)

This month we’ve been our little house for one whole year! I really can’t believe how fast it flew by. I originally intended to post before and after pictures because I thought by the first year I’d surely have everything painted and organized just right. But in reality, besides a new front blind, kitchen table, and bistro set on the porch, the house looks pretty much the same as it did when we moved in. We don’t even have curtains on our windows yet! Either way, I love our little house oh so very much. It felt like such a huge accomplishment to finally sign those papers and it still does!

I don’t want to be all “oh my gosh I’m just sooooo busy,” but ugh, SO busy! When we moved in last year it was just a week or so before Christmas and it felt like a waste to drag out our big tree and all the ornaments only to have to put it away the next week, but I was determined to have a tree. So down to Home Depot I went to snag one of their last tiny trees. A small strand of lights and a few special ornaments later, we enjoyed our first Christmas in our very own home. It was the very best present I think either of us has ever gotten.

This year, the decorations still aren’t up and it’s making me a little crazy. Everything Is going up this weekend but I hoped to have our house looking like a winter wonderland the day after Thanksgiving. But a few weeks ago I discovered some water damage behind our couch and 1 claim and 1 insurance adjuster later, we were just given the funds and the thumbs up to put the repairs on hold until after the wedding/honeymoon.

We’ll be fixing the main source of the problem sooner (which involves a totally new front window) but ripping up all the floors will have to wait. Can you imagine trying to move all our furniture out of the living room/kitchen and packing up the Mister and our 2 dogs to stay at my parents equally small house for 2 days right in the middle of Christmas and wedding planning?! My head hurts just thinking about it.

I am sure going to miss sliding down the hardwood hallway in my socks though! But, I am SO excited to pick out new tile! And while we’re at it I’m thinking paint! And curtains! And a new couch!

Hold on little house, there’s a lot of lovin’ coming your way!

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